Payment Processing that Benefits You and Cal NORML

Support Cal NORML with each Tap

California NORML is excited to announce a new partnership with Banking and Merchant Specialist, Ian Rassman. This new collaboration will benefit our business members while generating essential funds for Cal NORML with each tap of your customers’ payment cards.

You’ll enjoy all applicable processing services at extremely competitive rates alongside personalized service from a team that understands the cannabis industry. Cal NORML earns a small commission with each transaction, with no additional charge to you. To help you make the switch, we’ll provide some (or all) of your new hardware free of charge.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all cannabis businesses and ancillary companies, as well as those outside the industry to support cannabis consumers’ rights in California.

Cal NORML receives regular requests to partner with a variety of companies, due to our stellar reputation and vast network. We are pleased to have found a beneficial match with Ian, who you may know through his service as Executive Director of Los Angeles NORML. Ian offers 13 years’ experience in the Banking and Payments Industry and has enjoyed 35 years of involvement with the cannabis culture. You may review his Cal NORML Cannabis Marketplace listing here.

Learn how you can help sustain Cal NORML’s essential advocacy and lobbying efforts in the coming years, while providing a helpful needed service to your customers that will boost your sales.

Please contact [email protected] or 707-337-9747 for more information and questions.

Founded in 1972, California NORML is a non-profit, membership-supported organization dedicated to protecting and expanding the rights of California’s cannabis consumers. We lobby lawmakers, publish newsletters, sponsor events, and offer legal, educational, and consumer health advice. Current focuses include employment rights and medical marijuana patients’ rights. We are funded solely from donations from within California.

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