Free States from Obsolete Federal Marijuana Laws

By Dale Gieringer and Geoffrey Lawrence Federal laws against marijuana are outdated and counterproductive.  Polls show that nearly seven in ten Americans favor legalizing adult use of marijuana, and 90% favor medical use.   Eighteen states have now legalized adult use of marijuana, and 36 have laws allowing medical use. Nonetheless, federal law remains stuck in …

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Oakland City Council and SF Board of Supervisors Approve Resolutions to Support Employment Rights for Cannabis Users

UPDATE JULY 27: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved a resolution in support of Assembly Bill 1256 by Assembly member Bill Quirk, to prohibit employers from discriminating against potential or current employees who have tested positive for inactive cannabis metabolites in their urine or hair. The resolution was authored by Supervisor Matt …

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Sha’Carrie Richardson Ban Highlights Injustices in Drug Testing

    UPDATE 7/10/21 – The LA Times editorialized, Sha’Carri Richardson’s suspension was fair, but the marijuana rule isn’t, noting that, “WADA isn’t the only arena in which marijuana rules are anachronistic; the U.S. government’s attitude is practically medieval. Marijuana is legal in most states of this country, if you count medicinal use, but the federal government …

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California’s 2021 Legislative Session: Employment Rights, Hospice Care, Pets’ Rights, and More

Please donate to Cal NORML to support our advocacy work, or join as a regular or business member: Cal NORML regular membership Business Membership with Free Listing $20.00 – $100.00 / year $50/month – $500/year UPDATE 9/28/2021 – Gov. Newsom has signed into law SB-311 by Sen. Ben Hueso, to require hospitals to allow terminal …

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CA DPH Misrepresents Cannabis Smoke & Vape Hazards Using Anti-Tobacco Funds

The California Department of Public Health has undertaken a busboard campaign claiming that marijuana and vapes produce similar second-hand smoking dangers as tobacco. The ads reference a TobaccoFreeCA webpage  warning that secondhand marijuana smoke is cancer-causing and harmful to the brain, lungs, and heart. A subpage titled, “Exposure to Secondhand Smoke from Marijuana is Dangerous,” …

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Clearing of Past Marijuana Crimes Moves Forward Across California

UPDATES 10/21: Marin County DA drops, reduces 500 cannabis cases People with past marijuana convictions in Marin County can check their eligibility for expungement by reaching Marin’s Assistant District Attorney Otis Bruce at (415) 473-6450. 9/21: Los Angeles District Attorney to Vacate Some 60,000 Marijuana Convictions Watch Cal NORML’s April 7, 2021 Zoom meeting with …

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