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UPDATE 11/16 – Although adult use of marijuana is now legal in California with the passage of Prop. 64, because the measure specifically allows employers to continue to discriminate against marijuana users, you are not protected against drug testing on the job. In California, even medical marijuana patients can be fired for failing an employment drug test. Cal NORML is working for legislation to change this! Please join us and help change the law. Write info@canorml.org.

Research has shown that drug testing doesn’t improve workplace safety or productivity, but it’s a great way to discriminate against marijuana smokers, even medical marijuana users. Impairment testing is a better option.

The California Supreme Court has ruled that employers can discriminate against Californians even if their doctor has recommended medical marijuana for them.


Employment Rights for Marijuana Users a Priority for Cal NORML

Cal NORML Guide to Interpreting Drug Test Results

Drug Testing Tips (Sorry, Cal NORML does not handle drug testing queries except from NORML members.)


The 2017 National Academy of Sciences report on The Health Effects of Cannabis and the Cannabinoids concludes, “There is insufficient evidence to support or refute a statistical association between general, nonmedical cannabis use and occupational accidents or injuries.”

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California NORML
Guide to Drug Testing

The authoritative guide to:

• reliability of drug testing
• drug test detection times
• medical marijuana and drug tests
• drug tests and DUI
• dealing with drug testing on short notice
• what’s wrong with drug testing


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