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A Business Membership is great way to support Cal NORML’s ongoing campaigns while promoting your business as one that cares about the future of the cannabis community.

Your listing includes up to 5 images (logo, product shots, photos–recommended minimum size of 800 x 600 pixels each), two descriptions: 45-word maximum for the search grid page, 300-word maximum for your individual page, a video, and all the contact information you wish to post.

02/2020 Special: 20% off new Business Memberships for one year.  Use discount code 02-2020 to receive 20% off the first 12 months of your listing. You will be set up for auto-renewal, with current prices applied after the initial 12 months. You may cancel at any time by contacting Cal NORML. Invoices must be paid by 02/29/2020 to receive discount. Email or call 707-337-9747 for assistance.

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Dispensary and Delivery 

For licensed dispensaries and delivery services in California. Get on the original map!

Business Services 

For businesses that support the industry through services or as wholesalers. Categories include: Laboratories, Consultants, Accountants, Digital Marketing, Insurance, Management Systems, Vaporizer Hardware, and Edibles. We’ll add a new category for you if there’s not a good fit for your business.

Legal Services 

For attorneys and paralegals. Become a member of Cal NORML’s Legal Committee and be listed on the Legal Referral map. A popular directory for both business and criminal attorneys.

Doctors and Medical Professionals 

For doctors and other medical professionals.


For consumer products. Categories include: Bongs and Smoking Accessories, Drug Testing Products, Edibles, and Gardening Supplies. We’ll add a new category for you if there’s not a good fit for your business.

Cannabis Vaping Resources 

For vaporizers.

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