The Cannabis Inspections are Coming

By: Attorney Lauren Vázquez High Rise Law, Founder & Principal For all the bad that came with the COVID pandemic, the cannabis industry has endured relatively well. There was a collective sigh of relief when California declared cannabis businesses to be essential early in lock down, something unimaginable just a few years ago. With the …

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By C.D. Michel, Attorney at Law March 1, 2021 – Cal NORML receives lots of questions about firearms possession and the changes to California law allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Be careful! Under California law, any use of marijuana triggers a prohibition on firearm ownership and/or possession, despite California state allowing its recreational use. …

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How Cannabis Companies Can Prepare for Disasters

By Lauren Mendelsohn, Esq. If 2020 has taught Californians anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for and knowing how to respond to disasters and unexpected events. How can cannabis companies prepare for and respond to emergencies like wildfires, power outages, earthquakes, and infectious disease outbreaks? This blog post aims to provide some guidance …

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Surviving the Cannabis Industry 2020 Style

by Rosie Yagielo, COO, HempStaff Cannabis businesses are now legal to some degree in 34 states. Between medical and adult-use programs, entrepreneurs, big and small, have an opportunity to get involved in today’s fastest growing industry. From micro growers to mom and pop owned dispensary, everyone has a chance to be successful with the right …

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Countering the Myths of Cannabis Banking

By Dama Financial Myth 1: It is illegal for Banks to serve Cannabis-related Businesses because marijuana is illegal under federal law. The Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) makes it illegal under federal law to manufacture, distribute, or dispense marijuana. However, 10 states plus Washington D.C. have fully legalized marijuana and 33 states have legalized it for …

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shauna blackburn

Advice on Protecting Yourself During COVID-19 Crisis From an Insurance Provider

Shauna Blackburn, Risk Manager specialist at Cannabis Connect Insurance Services gives advice in this video about reducing risk and protecting yourself and your business during COVID-19. Topics include: • Safe money handling techniques • Holding safety meetings • Workers’ Compensation and EPLI insurance • Masks and Gloves; Hand Sanitizer • Sanitizing work stations • Building …

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Common Insurance Policy Contract Wording That All Cannabis and Hemp Businesses Should Avoid

By Shauna Blackburn of Cannabis Connect Insurance Services It is important to know that every cannabis business in the chain of custody (cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distributing, wholesalers and retailers alike) is responsible for tracking and protecting against product tampering. Below are some policy forms, exclusions, or endorsements often found on a general liability insurance policy …

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