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Marijuana Use and Firearms Possession 2023 Update

Marijuana Use and Firearms Possession Are the Times A-Changin? C.D. Michel, Michel & Associates, P.C. INTRODUCTION In our 2021 article for California NORML, we discussed how federal gun laws intersect with California’s legalization of recreational marijuana use. In that article, we examined Ninth Circuit authority holding that federal law makes it illegal for all marijuana …

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Can You Protect Your Business by Trademarking Your Cannabis Brand?

By Arbana Lika and Hannah Stitt, Tectonic, LLP Ideas, inventions, processes, original works of authorship and trademarks are eligible for protection through the United States government – even for cannabis industry operators! In this blog, we focus on trademark rights and how trademark applications for cannabis goods and services are treated. WHERE THE LAW CURRENTLY …

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2023 California Cannabis Regulations Update: 6 Big Changes for Dispensaries

By David Hua, Meadow   As of January 1, 2023, the state of California will require several changes from its cannabis supply chain in response to the adoption of the Department of Cannabis Control’s (DCC) new consolidated regulations and passage of AB-195. These changes include updates to the calculation and point of excise tax collection, …

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Want to Grow Cannabis? Start with a Plan

By Oaksterdam University Cultivating cannabis is a rewarding hobby, which is why approximately 6% of consumers in the United States grow their own, and that number continues to rise. The overwhelming majority of home growers— 70% percent — say they grow simply because they enjoy it. In addition to growing for pleasure, there are other …

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2022 Cannabis Packaging Requirements in California

By Marijuana Packaging With the new year ramping up and cannabis laws sometimes changing so fluidly, it’s crucial to ensure that your business is compliant with California cannabis law. Whether it’s distributing flowers, concentrates, or edibles, each item has its own set of requirements that marijuana businesses must adhere to; to avoid significant penalties. To …

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The Cannabis Inspections are Coming

By: Attorney Lauren Vázquez High Rise Law, Founder & Principal For all the bad that came with the COVID pandemic, the cannabis industry has endured relatively well. There was a collective sigh of relief when California declared cannabis businesses to be essential early in lock down, something unimaginable just a few years ago. With the …

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By C.D. Michel, Attorney at Law June 2023 – Read the updated post Marijuana Use and Firearms Possession: Are the Times A-Changin?  March 1, 2021 – Cal NORML receives lots of questions about firearms possession and the changes to California law allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Be careful! Under California law, any use of …

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How Cannabis Companies Can Prepare for Disasters

By Lauren Mendelsohn, Esq. If 2020 has taught Californians anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for and knowing how to respond to disasters and unexpected events. How can cannabis companies prepare for and respond to emergencies like wildfires, power outages, earthquakes, and infectious disease outbreaks? This blog post aims to provide some guidance …

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