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This Cannabis Marketplace section contains California NORML business members who offer services to support cannabis companies in California. Look here for Insurance, financial, and compliance services as well as consultants, labs and more. Click on the listing name for further information about each cannabis support company.

Ian Rassman


Ian Rassman is a cannabis industry-leading payment specialist who has established partnerships in various domains over his 15 years of experience in the Banking and Payments industry. He actively excels in providing cutting-edge technology to support POS, credit card processing, cashless ATM, PIN Debit, ATM Machines, eCommerce, ACH, check processing, gift/loyalty programs, mobile applications, and other payment processing and financial services.

Additionally, Ian has been involved in cannabis culture for over 30 years and currently holds office as the Executive Director and President of Los Angeles NORML, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1973. Ian’s extensive connections and experience have earned him palpable recognition, making him a familiar, trustworthy face to many within the cannabis industry.

Whether you’re thinking about starting up your own legal cannabis business, or you’re already well underway, you’re going to need payment processing solutions. Ian Rassman provides clarity and convenience along with nearly a lifetime of experience in the industry. It’s his goal to alleviate the stress of streamlining payments for your cannabis business, no matter what payment processing service best suits you.

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