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Pure Analytics is powered by a master’s level team of degreed scientists experienced in environmental forensics, toxicology, clinical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, drug development and cannabinoid product formulation. Located in Sonoma County CA Pure Analytics is in the heart of the finest cultivation zone in the world and has extensive experience supporting the needs of cultivators, manufacturers and distributors.
As a Beckman and NIH scholar Samantha discovered and published descriptions of new reactions allowing the development of potential new cancer and AIDS pharmaceuticals. Early in her career she oversaw federally regulated laboratories and became an expert in trace-level detection of contaminants.

Moving into technology-focused product innovation, Samantha was project engineer, product manager and eventually oversaw operational excellence as a key player at IDEX Health and Science, supporting the design, development and manufacture of enabling technologies for UPLC/HPLC, mass spectrometry and in vitro diagnostics instrumentation as the primary liaison to OEM R&D teams at Agilent, Waters, Thermo, Dionex, CTC, BioRad, Shimadzu among other technology leaders.

As founder of Pure Analytics Samantha merged her over 25 years of cannabis cultivation experience with her extensive scientific, product development and business background and has been responsible for the development of unique techniques in cannabis analytics, research and strain isolation.

In her previous role as Chief Science Officer for hmbldt (now dosist (TM)), Samantha has leveraged her extensive patient and scientific knowledge of cannabis to bring a new level of excellence to cannabis products innovation. The hmbldt dose pen was selected as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016.

A respected educator, Samantha has developed a comprehensive cannabis educational program teaching thousands of patients and the general public about cannabis, cannabinoid therapeutics, cannabis physiology and dosage development and is frequently requested to speak publicly about policy, cannabis science and innovation, market dynamics and regulatory issues.

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