Cannabis Business Services

This Cannabis Marketplace section contains California NORML business members who offer services to support cannabis companies in California. Look here for Insurance, financial, and compliance services as well as consultants, labs and more. Click on the listing name for further information about each cannabis support company.



Meadow’s connected cannabis retail, delivery, eCommerce, CRM, and marketing platform makes it easy to sell more cannabis with less work. Meadow is the most-loved dispensary POS system, with intuitive interfaces and thoughtful workflows to manage your entire front and back of house operations.

Seamlessly complete all core business functions from one centralized dashboard, easily navigate between managing inventory, tracking orders, running reports, reviewing sales trends, activating promo codes, and marketing directly to your customers.

Optimized based on real-world feedback from high-volume retail partners since 2014, Meadow’s cannabis retail software will help you sell more products, stay compliant with state and local regulations, keep staff and customers happy, and boost your bottom line.

Learn more about Meadow’s cannabis retail software at and download our guide to cannabis delivery software at to learn how to expand your territory.

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