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Wolfgang Kovach, Esq.

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Now is Great Time to Start Your Own Legal Industrial Hemp CBD Products Business.

Our Veteran Owned and Operate Law Firm’s motto is “Hemp & Cannabis Business Start-Up Services for Everyone”

Californians, for many different reasons including those recovering from substance addiction, want legal access to Industrial Hemp CBD Products.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the feeling of smoking a CBD joint that will not make you feel paranoid?

Does Hemp Grow Buds?

Yes, Hemp does grow buds and you can smoke them. They can contain up to . 3% THC. Only the female plant will produce flowers.

How to Legally Launch your Industrial Hemp CBD Products Business

Thanks to a new California law, there is now a great opportunity for Californians to legally sell Industrial Hemp CBD Products to make it easier for People and Animals to access these non-intoxicating, alternative products and to remove restrictions on the use of CBD derived from Industrial Hemp.

Specifically, the new law provides that, the sale of food, beverages, or cosmetics that include industrial hemp or cannabinoids, extracts, or derivatives from industrial hemp shall not be restricted or prohibited based solely on the inclusion of those substances.

Industrial Hemp Products Are NOT Regulated by MAUCRSA

The best part of the new law specifies that industrial hemp-derived products would NOT be subjected to regulation under MAUCRSA, unless the product contains industrial hemp-derived tetrahydrocannabinol (the intoxicant THC) in concentrations above 0.3 percent by product weight.

How Much will it Cost to Proper & Legally Form My Own Industrial Hemp CBD Products business

Our Law firm’s Basic Package (1 Director & 1 Shareholder/Member) fixed fee – fixed fee means no other fee will be charge for legal service described below – is $1,500.00 (One thousand, five-hundred U.S. dollars) and includes formation costs of $250.00.

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28202 Cabot Road. Suite 300, Laguna Niguel, California, USA 92677
1101 California Avenue, Suite 100, Corona, California, USA 92881
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