Cannabis Legal Resources & Attorneys


Looking for a California cannabis business attorney or marijuana criminal defense lawyer? Cal NORML legal committee members are listed in this directory. Click on the listing name for further information about each legal firm.

Anthony Law Group

Anthony Law Group has represented and advocated for the cannabis community since 2006. We specialize in business and commercial law, regulatory compliance, and government affairs for the cannabis industry.


Bruce M. Margolin, Esq.

“The Dean of Cannabis Law” who has successfully defended more marijuana cases than probably any other attorney in the country, as well as thousands of clients on almost all other criminal matters. His services include local and state cannabis business licensing.


Chernis Law Group P.C.

Specializing in all cannabis-related legal defense (both criminal and administrative); permit applications from both local municipalities and the State, including SOP’s; entity formation and corporate governance matters; transactions and contracts between or on behalf of cannabis businesses; and regulatory compliance issues, such as packaging content and procedural manuals

Michel & Associates, P.C.

Specialists in employment law, municipal law, civil litigation, and criminal defense. We increasingly defend cannabis business clients facing employee labor law claims, which are becoming more common. Our attorneys will advise you on compliance best management practices and help you to respond to these claims.

Naulls Legal Group

The premier law firm for cannabis-based businesses representing entrepreneurs and organizations nationwide based out of the Inland Empire in Southern California. We are adept at navigating delicate cannabis compliance, legislation, bureaucratic challenges, and enforcement around the increasingly complex and heavily regulated cannabis laws.


Robert Raich

Business Expertise in: Compliance with cannabis-related state law and regulations, and local ordinances. Preparing cannabis-related applications for filing with state and local regulators. Business transactions, licensing and permitting. Structuring and creating business entities. Lobbying with political officials and administrative personnel.



S. Edward Wicker Attorney at Law

Wicker Law Group, based in San Diego, represents new and established cannabis businesses. Our expertise is focused on corporate compliance with the myriad of local, State and Federal laws concerning cannabis and hemp. Offering advice and representation concerning mergers and acquisitions, and licenses and permits.

Selna Partners LLP

We assist cannabis business across California, including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We are located in Oakland, but work with clients as far north as Humboldt, in the Central Valley to the east, and Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in Southern California.

Sevens Legal, APC Samantha Greene Owner

Welcome to Sevens Legal, APC. As owner of the largest private criminal defense firm in San Diego, I can attest to the large number of drug cases we handle; successfully! Contact us for a free evaluation on any type drug case you might have.


Timothy L. Alger, Alger Law APC

Cannabis regulatory advice and litigation, including representation of cannabis businesses in administrative appeals and state and local enforcement proceedings, and civil litigation involving intellectual property, free speech, and business disputes.  Statewide practice with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.