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Try our one-of-a-kind Cannabis Advice Hotline for all your legal and compliance questions. Our legacy experts are here to help you today. Avoid costly mistakes and redo’s. No retainer or commitment required. Upfront flat rate fees starting at $99. Quick and convenient text message replies. Save time and money with a subscription plan.

High Rise Law is also the premier provider of Cannabis Inspection Protection℠ Services designed to provide quick and easy solutions with long term comprehensive strategies for compliance. Get help for your business before, during, and after government intervention. Our one-of-a-kind services include inspection consultations and representation, emergency pre-inspections, compliance walk-through audits, and inspection drills. High Rise Law combines the expertise and protections of a law firm with the practical operational experience of consultants allowing us to provide unparalleled services at an affordable cost. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us for more info and a quote. We serve clients throughout California.

Our mission at High Rise Law is to establish a socially and environmentally responsible cannabis industry that is a model for all other commercial industries. Our compliance services are guided by principles of equity, accessibility, and sustainability. We work with our clients to protect consumers, workers, and the environment while ensuring their business is open to people of all abilities. Every member of our crew is a visionary leader of the cannabis industry with a history of helping patients, prisoners, parents, Veterans, and small businesses. We believe the cannabis industry always has been and always will be a movement for social justice.

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