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  1. 420 Accounting Services

Management and Accounting:

Bookkeeping: A team of dedicated Accounting & Bookkeeping professionals will maintain a proper record of daily and monthly transactions to keep your Cannabis business perfectly balanced.

Payroll Processing: Perform the necessary “behind-the-scenes” steps to ensure payroll is processed on time and implement a seamless process to ease your Company’s payroll burden and limit its responsibilities.

Inventory Management: Implement the best industry practices of inventory management and control by using effective inventory management techniques and making sure an efficient inventory management system is in place.

Financial Reporting: Provide key financial statements and management reports to anticipate unpredicted disruptions, and help make informed business decisions based on facts of the company’s financial health.


Cost Accounting: Allocate certain costs out of expenses into Inventory / COGS. Verify inventory value accuracy, and perform cost accounting based on IRC 280e and IRC 471 instructions / limitations.

Tax Filings: Provide an in-depth guide on what is eligible to be taxed and file city and state sales tax and Cannabis cultivation / excise tax forms.

Licenses and Permits: Prepare and submit CA state and the corresponding local city’s entailed documents to commence the commercial Cannabis license application or apply for annual renewal

Training and Consulting:

Training: Provide an in-house / in-person training on how to use CA Cannabis Track and Trace System (METRC) to remain in compliance with Metrc’s tracking and reporting requirements.

Set Up: Provide license specific Chart of Accounts, help with onboarding, set up a perpetual data room, initiate a clean-up process, or set up a new accounting software (QBO, Xero).

Banking: Provide quick access to Cannabis banking institutions, set up a business account, and build a reliable financial structure to help avoid undesirable theft, embezzlement or fraud.

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