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  1. Jay Leiderman Law

Attorney Jay Leiderman co-authored the first ever book on the legal defense of medical marijuana crimes. He has been recognized and won awards for going above and beyond to represent clients accused of all sorts of crimes; from the smallest misdemeanor to the most serious felony case. He is a certified criminal law specialist that also practices cannabis business law. Jay has always been a champion of personal rights and a staunch defender of our constitutional freedoms.

Jay has been defending those accused of marijuana crimes since 2001. He has been practicing marijuana business law since 2006. He has handled hundreds of cases and maintains a spectacular success rate. Jay is one of the most experienced marijuana and medical marijuana defense attorneys in the State. He regularly lectures state-wide on various topics related to cannabis. In other words, Jay is the attorney who trains other attorneys.

Jay is well-known in the legal and business community for a hard charging, even handed and dedicated approach to each new case backed up by the willingness and ability to fight for the best results for his clients. Those that know Jay’s work describe him as a “true believer,” willing to go to the mat for his clients.

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770 County Square Drive Suite 101, Ventura, California, USA 93003
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