Local elections bring mixed returns for marijuana advocates

June 8 – Advocates of liberalized medical marijuana rules fared poorly in local elections last night.

The one bright spot was Nevada County, where voters rejected a proposed ban on outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana, Measure W by 58%.

In contrast, Butte County voters approved a pair of restrictive ordinances, Measure G (“Right to Farm” repeal) by 59.5% and Measure H (Restrictions on Cultivation) by 58.4%

Siskiyou County voters likewise approved a pair of anti-marijuana measures, Measure T (code enforcement) by 63.6% and Measure U (12 plant limit) by 62.4% (amid charges of voter intimidation against the county’s Hmuong minority).

Yuba County rejected a pair of pro-marijuana measures, Measure A (liberalized cultivation rules) by 65% and Measure B (allowing dispensaries in the County) by 58%.

San Jose voters rejected Measure C, which would have liberalized local rules for dispensaries, by 35%.

In Sacramento, a cannabis business tax, Measure Y, was leading by a 65% majority, but remained slightly shy of the 66.7% needed for approval.

Davis voters approved a marijuana business license tax Measure C, by 78%.

Alturas voters approved a 10% tax on marijuana collectives and dispensaries by 82% of the vote.

In an overlooked election race, Sierra Co. voters soundly rejected Measure A, which would have advised the Board of Supervisors to develop “sensible regulations aligned” with MMRSA for regulating MMJ, by a margin of 38%-62%. The measure was sponsored by the Sierra Growers Association and no opposition argument was filed for the ballot pamphlet. The ballot analysis stated that a yes vote was in favor of allowing commercial marijuana activities in the county. Evidently, most Sierra Co. residents don’t want that.

– Summary by Cal NORML, Jun 8th 10 am PDT; updated Jun 10, 3 PM PDT

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