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Have you been arrested, accused of a crime, or received a letter from the District Attorney’s Office notifying you that a Complaint has been filed against you in court?

Well, if you are searching for an attorney to represent you or give you advice on what to do next, then you are on the right path. My name is James M. Taylor, and I am a hardworking, ethical, honest, aggressive, and winning Trial Attorney and well-respected high-profile Criminal Defense Attorney who limits his practice to Riverside County Superior Courts and San Bernardino County Superior Courts only!

Why only Riverside and San Bernardino Counties… it’s because I want to make sure I can be there with you in court on your court date!

When you hire Criminal Defense Attorney James M. Taylor, you get Criminal Defense Attorney James M. Taylor in court with you, not attorney so-n-so appearing for Law Offices of Too Busy Tucare who is unable to appear today because they took on too many cases in too many counties on the same day. When you interview attorneys, make sure the attorney you give your hard-earned money to will be the same one who will appear in court with you to defend you, and not some stand-in attorney you never met before attempting to defend your rights and freedoms.


Fear of the unknown is not a good thing. Let me help make that fear disappear by giving me a phone call and let’s see what I can do to help make your troubles go away. A Free Consultation may be all you need to start feeling better about your situation! Monday through Friday 8 am – 7 pm.

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