Please donate to Cal NORML or join as a regular or business member to help us move forward in 2021.  Cal NORML regular membership Business Membership $30.00 – $100.00 $42 – $420 TOP 20 CALIFORNIA MARIJUANA STORIES FOR 2020 1. MORE Act Passes House with California Support In a historic moment, the US House of

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Cal NORML’s Statewide Zoom Meeting on December 2

Cal NORML hosted a statewide Zoom meeting for all interested activists on Wednesday, December 2 at 4 PM PST. Watch a video of the meeting. Our special guest was Congresswoman Barbara Lee Barbara Lee was born in segregated El Paso, TX and attended St. Joseph’s Catholic School, where she was taught by the Sisters of

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Racism in Drug Testing: A Literature Survey

It is not news that workplace drug testing is a potentially racist practice. The pattern fits an observation previously made by the ACLU, which wrote on its website that drug-testing policies not only are a “significant and unjustified invasion of privacy, they also single out those living in low-income communities and disproportionately impact people of

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Cal NORML 2020 Accomplishments and Plans for 2021

Please support Cal NORML with a 2021 membership! As a special offer, some 2021 members will receive a vintage gold “California NORML” lapel magnet (pictured) to celebrate NORML’s 50th anniversary. When 2020 began, dozens of bills addressing cannabis were introduced in Sacramento, including a Cal NORML–sponsored bill to protect employment rights of medical marijuana users, and

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How Cannabis Companies Can Prepare for Disasters

By Lauren Mendelsohn, Esq. If 2020 has taught Californians anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for and knowing how to respond to disasters and unexpected events. How can cannabis companies prepare for and respond to emergencies like wildfires, power outages, earthquakes, and infectious disease outbreaks? This blog post aims to provide some guidance

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California Cities and Counties Vote to Open Cannabis Businesses

  The Apothecarium cannabis store in Berkeley, CA. November 4, 2020 – As all marijuana reform measures in other states (Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota) won voter approval in the November 3 election, voters across California approved nearly all of the local measures to allow, tax and regulate cannabis sales in their

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California Cannabis Voter Guide to November 3, 2020 Election

  Find cannabis-friendly candidates and measures at all levels of government: local, state and federal.   LOCAL RACES • LOCAL BALLOT MEASURES • STATE PROPOSITIONS KEY CONGRESSIONAL RACES • KEY STATE LEGISLATIVE RACES Visit NORML’s Smoke the Vote Guide and enter in your zip code or address to find Congressional candidates, as well as candidates for the

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Local Cannabis Ballot Measures Lead to Licensing

  Californians are voting on 38 ballot measures addressing cannabis in 36 cities or counties across the state on the November 2020 ballot. Most measures would allow local officials to impose taxes on cannabis businesses, ranging from 1.25% up to 10%. For cultivation, most localities seek to place a square footage tax ranging from $0.5

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Surviving the Cannabis Industry 2020 Style

by Rosie Yagielo, COO, HempStaff Cannabis businesses are now legal to some degree in 34 states. Between medical and adult-use programs, entrepreneurs, big and small, have an opportunity to get involved in today’s fastest growing industry. From micro growers to mom and pop owned dispensary, everyone has a chance to be successful with the right

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Biden Picks CA Senator Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has named California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential pick. As San Francisco’s District Attorney and California’s Attorney General, Harris upheld California’s medical marijuana law. Since being elected to the Senate, she has come on strong for federal marijuana law reform as the Senate sponsor of the Marijuana

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CA DPH Misrepresents Cannabis Smoke & Vape Hazards Using Anti-Tobacco Funds

The California Department of Public Health has undertaken a busboard campaign claiming that marijuana and vapes produce similar second-hand smoking dangers as tobacco. The ads reference a TobaccoFreeCA webpage  warning that secondhand marijuana smoke is cancer-causing and harmful to the brain, lungs, and heart. A subpage titled, “Exposure to Secondhand Smoke from Marijuana is Dangerous,”

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Countering the Myths of Cannabis Banking

By Dama Financial Myth 1: It is illegal for Banks to serve Cannabis-related Businesses because marijuana is illegal under federal law. The Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) makes it illegal under federal law to manufacture, distribute, or dispense marijuana. However, 10 states plus Washington D.C. have fully legalized marijuana and 33 states have legalized it for

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Clearing of Past Marijuana Crimes Moves Forward Across California

Attend Cal NORML’s April 7, 2021 Zoom meeting with Alia Toran-Burrell, Associate Program Director, Criminal Justice at Code for America. UPDATE 3/21: Code for America reports that half of California counties have used their Clear My Record tool, resulting in 140,000 past marijuana convictions identified as qualifying for being reduced or dismissed. In addition to

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