Want to Grow Cannabis? Start with a Plan

By Oaksterdam University Cultivating cannabis is a rewarding hobby, which is why approximately 6% of consumers in the United States grow their own, and that number continues to rise. The overwhelming majority of home growers— 70% percent — say they grow simply because they enjoy it. In addition to growing for pleasure, there are other …

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Primary Election Guide to Cannabis Candidates: June 2022

  This page will be updated as we learn more about candidates and races.  The California Statewide Primary Election is on Tuesday, June 7, and the deadline to register to vote is Monday, May 23. If you miss the May 23 deadline, you can also register and vote in person through Election Day, June 7, …

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Gov. Newsom Proposes Ending Cannabis Cultivation Tax in California

At Gov. Newsom’s press conference this morning announcing his May budget revision, he was asked about his proposal to end the cannabis cultivation tax while keeping the state excise tax at 15%, while granting authority to raise the tax to as much as 19% if tax revenues fall below $670 million as soon as January …

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California Cannabis Consumers Call for Tax Relief

With California’s legal cannabis industry in dire straits due to high taxes and regulatory costs,  California NORML called on legislators to pass a tax relief bill by Sen. Bradford (SB 1281) at a hearings before the State Senate Governance and Finance Committee on May 4. The Bradford bill would eliminate the state cultivation tax, which …

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Cal NORML 50th Anniversary Specials for Businesses

Celebrate Cal NORML’s 50th Anniversary with These Specials: Cal NORML is celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2022. We have been successfully advocating for the rights of cannabis consumers in California since we were founded in 1972. To celebrate, we’re offering business membership specials. Help us keep up the momentum with our essential legislative campaigns like …

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