Join Us at Lobby Day on May 8, 2023 in Sacramento!

Previous Next Thank you to our sponsors! Join Cal NORML and Americans for Safe Access at Lobby Day 2023 as a citizen lobbyist for your rights as a cannabis consumer in California! Buy your tickets for Lobby Day and the Afterparty Sponsor Lobby Day! This year’s Lobby Day will be held on Monday, May 8, …

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Sponsor Lobby Day – May 8, 2023 in Sacramento

Read more about Lobby Day BECOME A SPONSOR TODAY! California NORML and ASA (Americans for Safe Access) are pleased to announce Citizen Lobby Day, taking place May 8, 2023 in Sacramento, CA. Our members and coalition partners will host a lobby day and training in support of state legislation to better regulate cannabis and protect …

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Onsite Cannabis Consumption Lounges in California

Under California state law, cannabis retailers can open on-site cannabis consumption spaces, with local approval. Some locals allow vaporizing only indoors (e.g. Oakland). Others, like Los Angeles and Berkeley, have resisted consumption rooms altogether, as anti-tobacco forces have falsely conflated cannabis smoke with tobacco. (Prop. 64 said cannabis smoking must be banned where tobacco smoking …

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Cannabis Bills Introduced in California for 2023

UPDATED 3/22/2023 We will update this page as more bills are introduced, and alert supporters when it is time to take action on them as they advance through committees to floor votes, etc. The bills’ language may change as they move through the legislature, Cal NORML will be watchdogging! Please support Cal NORML with a …

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Luke Scarmazzo, California’s Last Known Federal Medical Marijuana Prisoner, Is Released

 UPDATE 2/3/2023: A judge has ordered Luke’s compassionate release! He was freed today, The Weldon Project and Mission Green announced.  Read more. Read the judge’s order.  Luke posted on Facebook, “Today, after serving nearly 15 years in prison for operating a cannabis dispensary, I was granted my freedom. The feeling is surreal. We’ve worked …

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Cal NORML 2023 Priorities Survey Results

Results from Cal NORML’s 2023 Priorities Survey are in! Thanks to all who took the time to answer the survey and let us know what cannabis reform issues are important to you. Your answers will inform our decisions about where to put our energies on behalf of California’s cannabis consumers’ rights and safety in 2023. …

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California Legislature, Governor Issue Budget Proposals

Budget proposals from the California legislature and Governor spend cannabis tax money, and up enforcement against illegal operations Last week, the California Assembly and Senate released budget bills for FY2023-24, including several items being funded by taxes paid by California’s cannabis consumers, including: $163 million for the Department of Cannabis Control $10 million to the …

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Cal NORML Safety Warning: THC-O Acetate and Psychoactive Hemp Products 

UPDATE 2/15/23: DEA Classifies Novel Cannabinoids Delta-8 And -9 THCO As Controlled Substances, Even When Synthesized From Legal Hemp  NORML has always warned that delta-9-THCO is illegal under the Synthetic Analogues Act.  This DEA decision also applies to delta-8-THCO, which shouldn’t be confused with the more popular delta-8 THC. A new study by Benowitz et …

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