It’s unlikely that any possible replacement candidate will be as favorably attentive to cannabis policy as Governor Newsom.  For that reason, California NORML recommends voting NO on the gubernatorial recall and encourages cannabis supporters to make sure you are registered to vote, and do vote against the recall in the election. The sponsors of this …

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Free States from Obsolete Federal Marijuana Laws

By Dale Gieringer and Geoffrey Lawrence Federal laws against marijuana are outdated and counterproductive.  Polls show that nearly seven in ten Americans favor legalizing adult use of marijuana, and 90% favor medical use.   Eighteen states have now legalized adult use of marijuana, and 36 have laws allowing medical use. Nonetheless, federal law remains stuck in …

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Oakland City Council and SF Board of Supervisors Approve Resolutions to Support Employment Rights for Cannabis Users

UPDATE JULY 27: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved a resolution on in support of Assembly Bill 1256 by Assembly member Bill Quirk, to prohibit employers from discriminating against potential or current employees who have tested positive for inactive cannabis metabolites in their urine or hair. The resolution was authored by Supervisor …

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Sha’Carrie Richardson Ban Highlights Injustices in Drug Testing

    UPDATE 7/10/21 – The LA Times editorialized, Sha’Carri Richardson’s suspension was fair, but the marijuana rule isn’t, noting that, “WADA isn’t the only arena in which marijuana rules are anachronistic; the U.S. government’s attitude is practically medieval. Marijuana is legal in most states of this country, if you count medicinal use, but the federal government …

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Luke Scarmazzo, California’s Last Federal Medical Marijuana Prisoner

 UPDATE 6/26/21: A judge has scheduled oral arguments via zoom regarding Luke’s release motion on June 30th at 10am PST. There is a telephonic link for the public to listen to the proceedings: 1-877-402-9757, Access Code 6966236# then press #. Each attorney gets 15 mins. Luke’s hearing is scheduled last of five hearings. A …

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Ruling Protects CA State Employees Against Discrimination For Off-The-Job Marijuana Use

CALIFORNIA PERSONNEL BOARD RULES THAT FAILING A URINE TEST FOR MARIJUANA IS NOT PROOF OF EMPLOYEE’S IMPAIRMENT OR GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL June 17, 2021 – The California State Personnel Board (SPB), established in the state constitution, provides direction to departments about civil service laws, rules, and policy, and also investigates and adjudicates alleged violations of civil …

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Cal NORML Calls for Drug Peace Day on June 17

  This June 17th marks the 50th anniversary of President Nixon’s declaration of the War on Drugs.  The evidence is clear that the drug war has failed; 83% of Americans say so in a recent ACLU poll. Cal NORML is declaring a day of peace on June 17 in support of more effective, equitable, and …

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Sponsor Cal NORML’s 25th Anniversary of Prop. 215 Event

Raise your company’s profile by sponsoring Cal NORML’s conference to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passage of Prop. 215, the historic voter initiative that legalized medical marijuana in California and jump-started marijuana reform across the country. The day-long event will be held at the beautiful General’s Residence at Ft. Mason Center in San Francisco. …

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