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Cannabis Laws Don’t Change Themselves…

…but with your help, we can and will enact the policy reforms needed for the cannabis industry to flourish and for its consumers to be treated fairly and with dignity under the law.

The National Cannabis Industry Association, the voice of Main Street Cannabis, and California NORML, the voice of the California cannabis consumer have teamed up to provide California cannabis operators a platform to support the state and federal lobbying necessary for the industry to prosper.

We invite you to join our efforts and amplify your voice by becoming a member of Cal NORML and NCIA through our new unified membership plan offered at the discounted annual rate of $1,200.

Your dual membership will support the work Cal NORML is doing in the state to defend cannabis businesses and support consumers, while also providing a much-needed investment in the national lobbying work NCIA is doing to end the harmful effects of federal prohibition on the cannabis industry.


Not sure about joining just yet? Set up a call with someone on our team to learn about the benefits of supporting both these organizations.

California NORML has been advocating, educating, and lobbying on behalf of the cannabis consumer for 50 years and counting. Our recent legislative successes include winning Pain Patients’ Rights and Employment Rights for California consumers.

Cal NORML is the only statewide advocate for all California cannabis consumers. By protecting and expanding the rights of the consumer, our essential work positively impacts the entire cannabis industry. There are over 30 cannabis-related bills this year we are focusing on that will affect you and your business.

Join us to amplify the voice of the cannabis consumer in Sacramento! Cal NORML business members are featured in the Cannabis Marketplace directories on, and are also invited to join our site with a guest blog post, among other promotional benefits.

Founded in 2010, the National Cannabis Industry Association is the most trusted and most effective national trade association in the cannabis space. NCIA is the only voice for small and independent cannabis businesses in our nation’s halls of power and has made incredible strides advancing congressional support for issues such as 280E reform, banking access, and federal de-scheduling over the last several years. As a show of appreciation for their support for Main Street Cannabis, NCIA members receive a host of networking, educational, and marketing benefits to help them succeed in the competitive cannabis marketplace.

We hope you’ll invest in the future of cannabis as well as your own success by joining the growing list of businesses that have already signed up with NCIA and Cal NORML. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help advance good cannabis policy with us, feel free to reach out any time.


Kharla Vezzetti, California NORML
Aaron Smith, NCIA

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