CA Hearings on AB 1588 (1000-foot school distance rule) set for March 11th

UPDATE 3/11: The bill failed in committee.

The California Assembly Public Safety Committee will be hearing AB 1588 (Conway) on March 11th.

The bill would expand the minimum distance of dispensaries or collectives from schools to 1,000 feet from the present 600 feet. It would also impose an additional fine of $500 to $10,000 for anyone illegally cultivating within a 1,000 foot radius of a school (not including individual Prop 215 patients and their caregivers). The 600-foot rule was copied from the state's rule for siting of liquor stores. The bill grandfathers existing local ordinances in effect as of Jan 1, 2015.

Cal NORML opposes AB 1588 on the grounds that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, that the 1,000-foot rule is impractical in localities with high population density, and that local governments should be free to make their own land use decision in this regard.

See text of AB 1588 / See status

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AB 1588

RE: AB 1588 As a glaucoma patient who uses medicinal Cannabis, I am personally offended by the implication that we are pariahs that need to be kept an arbitrary distance from "the children".

How dare our "public servant" legislators attempt to restrict our providers more stringently than liquor and porn stores?