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Latest News from California

  • Tax and Fee Changes for Medical Marijuana Patients upon Prop. 64 Passage
    October 28, 2016 - If Proposition 64 passes, effective November 9, 2016, qualified patients with a state ID card will be exempted from retail sales tax on medical cannabis. ID card prices will be capped at $100 (or $50 for MediCal recipients).
  • California to Cast Crucial Vote on Prop. 64 for Adult Marijuana Legalization
    October 2016 - Californians will join the voters of Arizona, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts in voting on an initiative to legalize adult use of marijuana on November 8th.
  • Cal NORML's Post Prop. 64 Reform Agenda
    Versions of this proposal have been endorsed by the San Francisco and Alameda County Democratic Central Committees, and the Oakland Cannabis Commission.
  • State Legislature Ends Busy Session
    SACRAMENTO, Sept. 29 - This year’s legislative session saw a record number of marijuana bills, both good and bad, in Sacramento. Happily the worst ones were all defeated, and a few good ones survived to reach the Governor’s desk.
  • Ninth Circuit Court Protects MMJ Patients Against Feds, Upholds Infringement on Their Gun Rights
    August 2016 - A three-judge panel of the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously on August 16 that the US Department of Justice may not prosecute medical marijuana operations that are in compliance with state law. On August 31, a separate three-judge panel from the same court ruled that a Nevada woman could be denied her right to purchase a gun because she had a medical marijuana card.
  • California Regulators Speak to Cannabis Farmers
    July 29 - Regulators from seven different state agencies, including the new Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, spoke at a policy workshop sponsored by the California Grower’s Association in Sacramento.
  • Will the "Taxapolooza" Kill California's Golden Ganja Goose?
    July 24 - “If you can't ban 'em, tax 'em” seems to be the new local government mantra as a new "Taxapolooza" replaces the "Banapolooza" that wreaked havoc on medical marijuana patients' cultivation rights across California earlier this year.
  • AUMA Legalization Measure on November Ballot as Prop. 64
    July 1 - Californians will have the opportunity to vote on an initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana this November 8th. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), sponsored by Sean Parker (pictured) will appear on the ballot as Proposition 64.
  • California Felony Drug Arrests Plummet Following Prop. 47
    July 2 - Felony arrests for Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs reduced by 68.2% and 73.6% respectively in California between 2014 and 2015, while Felony Marijuana arrests reduced 33.3% according to data released by the Attorney General's office.
  • Placer County Strong-Armed into Banning Commercial Cannabis Cultivation
    June 27 - Placer County, which had been leading the way among rural counties in codifying the new state MMRSA medical marijuana law at the local level, voted last week to restrict cannabis cultivation in its unincorporated areas to 6 plants or 50 square feet (whichever is less), grown indoors.
  • Police Task Forces Target California Concentrate Makers
    June 16 - Yesterday’s multi-agency raids on Sonoma County cannabis concentrate manufacturers Care by Design and AbsolutExtracts may be part of a pattern targeting such businesses in California.

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