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See video of the End the 100 Year War Protest from Harm Reduction Productions.

  • Ending the 100-Year War on Marijuana in California
    September 8 - The disastrous legacy of the war on marijuana will be addressed at a press conference to mark the 100th anniversary of the nation’s first “marihuana” raid in LA’s Mexican Sonoratown neighborhood (pictured) on Thursday, Sept. 11 at 10 am. at LA City Hall. Download flyer.

  • Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill SB1262 "Held in Committee"
    August 14 - Medical marijuana regulation bill SB1262 has been held in the Appropriations committee, meaning it won't see a floor vote this year.
  • Emerald Unity Coalition Kicks Off MMCA Campaign in Lake County
    July 21 - A successful Emerald Unity Coalition event was held on Saturday, July 19 in Lake County to kick off the MMCA (Medical Marijuana Control Act), an initiative that will be on the November ballot to establish better regulations in Lake for marijuana gardens.
    June 17 - The Correa bill has passed in the Senate and through the Assembly Business and Professions Committee. Changes will have to be made by the time the bill is heard by the Assembly during the week of June 23-7.
  • Tell California's Senators to End Federal Interference in CA's Marijuana Laws
    June 2 - Call on Senators Feinstein and Boxer to support the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which would prohibit the US Department of Justice from spending resources to interfere with California's marijuana laws.
  • Revised Ammiano Medical MJ Bill AB 1894 Compared with SB 1262
    May 26 - Tom Ammiano's medical marijuana regulation bill AB 1894 has been amended to clarify that local governments can regulate and/or prohibit MMJ facilities and that patients cultivating for personal use are not subject to its provisions, and to revise how local governments can tax the industry, among other provisions.
  • RIP John Vasconcellos, Champion of Human Rights
    May 24 - It is with sadness that Cal NORML reports the death of former California Senator John Vasconcellos at the age of 82. As well as his other accomplishments, Senator Vasconcellos was a champion of medical marijuana rights.
  • CA Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill
    April 30 - The California Senate Health Committee approved Sen. Correa's medical marijuana regulation bill SB 1262 by a vote of 6-0 after the author amended it to satisfy the objections of opponents, including medical marijuana advocates, the California Medical Association, and county governments.
  • Assembly Committee Rejects Unscientific "Drugged Driving" Legislation
    April 29 - Members of the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety have rejected amended legislation, Assembly Bill 2500, which sought to impose 'per se' criminal penalties to individuals who drive with trace levels (2ng/ml or above) of THC or other controlled substances in their blood -- regardless of whether he/she is behaviorally impaired.
  • Accident Stats Show No Evidence of DUI Crisis in California
    April 29 - The California Assembly Public Safety Committee will be hearing a bill to set mandatory per se DUI limits on marijuana and other drugs based on blood testing. But the data do not show evidence of a DUI crisis in California, despite increased marijuana use.

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