Zogby Poll: 72% of Voters Want Obama to End DEA Medical Marijuana Raids

Feb 4th, 2009 – While the DEA continues to stage medical marijuana raids in California, nearly three-quarters of voters think President Obama should honor his campaign pledge to end the raids, according to a poll of 1,053 likely voters by Zogby International.

In a question sponsored by NORML, voters were asked: During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he would stop federal raids against medical marijuana providers in the 13 states where medical marijuana has become legal. Should President Obama keep his word to end such raids?

Response: Yes – 72% No – 21% Not sure – 7%.

Yes votes outnumbered No by over 2 to 1 in all geographic, political, and demographic groups. The poll, conducted Jan 29-31, had a margin error of +/-3.1%.

In view of Obama’s pledge to end federal medical marijuana raids, advocates have been disappointed by the fact that they have continued since Jan. 20th. Yesterday , the DEA raided four LA-area medical marijuana dispensaries : Venice Alternative Healing, Marina
Caregivers, Alternative Caregivers Discount Dispensary, and the Beach Center Collective (contrary to initial reports, a fifth dispensary wasn’t raided). The raids were all “smash and grab” operations, in which agents took medicine and cash, destroyed surveillance cameras, and grabbed computers, but did not arrest anyone.

California NORML coordinator Dale Gieringer denounced the DEA for “unprofessional and piratical conduct” and is calling on supporters to urge President Obama to end the raids.
A rally to protest the DEA raids will be held on Thursday, Feb 5th at noon at the LA federal building, 255 E. Temple St.

–Dale Gieringer, Coordinator, California NORML (415) 563-5858

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