LA City Council Introduces Two Reform Proposals and Approves Two More (UPDATED)

July 23 – Prop 215 advocates should take a close look at the LA City Council’s resolution calling for clarification of state medical marijuana laws.
The resolution outlines several measures that the council would like to see implemented, among them state licensing and standards for dispensaries, a requirement that they organize as “mutual benefit corporations,” and closer oversight of MMJ doctors by the State Medical Board.
– DG

July 18 – At yesterday’s LA city council meeting, councilmember Janice Hahn introduced a motion to study the feasibility of taxing medical marijuana collectives in Los Angeles. The motion has the support of councilmembers Dennis Zine and Bill Rosendahl.

Also introduced was a resolution in support of Barney Frank’s HR 2835, the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act.

The council also passed a resolution supporting SJR14 (Leno) and
asking for clarification on Prop. 215 (see above.)

LA Residents can find and contact their city councilmember here.

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