Costs of Prohibition

Marijuana prohibition is costly, not only in the amount spent on law enforcement and prisons, but also in the lost revenue from taxing a legally regulated market, as well as the loss of jobs, payroll taxes, etc.

California Arrest and Prisoner Data

Federal Medical Marijuana Cases in California & elsewhere

CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting)

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization in California
Marijuana Legalization Could Yield California Taxpayers Over $1.2 Billion Per Year
Additional Spinoff Benefits Up To $12 -$18 Billion

Cal. NORML Estimates 750,000 – 1,125,000 Medical Marijuana Patients in California; Retail Medical Market is $1.5 – $4.5 Billion Per Year

Oct. 5, 2011 – The Obama administration’s war on dispensaries threatens to have adverse economic impacts on jobs and tax revenues. Cal NORML estimates that the state’s medical marijuana industry now accounts for some $1.5 – 4.5 billion in sales, tens of thousands jobs, and over $100 million in taxes.

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