June 9, 2011

Here are some things we can all do right now:

1. Write to President Obama and your Congressperson protesting the incarceration of Mollie Fry and Dale Schafer. Both are serving 5-year federal sentences for growing over 100 plants over three years’ time. (That’s right: they only grew 30 plants at a time). The US has also continued with prosecutions of small-time Nevada county cultivator Michael Lombardo, and operators of a Bakersfield collective, handing out 1-2 year prison sentences. Read more. Ask: how does this square with stated federal policy of respecting state medical marijuana laws?

Write the White House

Write your Congressperson

2. Write your state Senator in support of SB129 (Leno) to protect medical marijuana patients against employment discrimination. Currently, a medical marijuana recommendation will not protect employees against being fired for testing positive for marijuana. End this discrimination!

3. Write your Assemblyperson in support of AB 1017, to lower marijuana cultivation from a felony to a “wobbler” (alternative misdemeanor). This bill didn’t pass in 2011, but will be reintroduced in January 2012.

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6. Educate yourself. Read our site, and order from our bookstore.

7. Write Letters to the Editor.
This is the most-read page of any newspaper. Of course, there is also the blogosphere. See letter-writing tips

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