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Terpene Belt Farms

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Terpene Belt Farms specializes in high-quality cannabis-derived direct-to-consumer and wholesale terpene oils and Neu Bag terpene infusion bags.

Fresh Never Frozen™ Cannabis Derived Terpene Oil

Terpene Belt Farms produces high-quality cannabis-derived terpene oil, crafted using advanced extraction techniques to ensure maximum purity and potency. These oils are ideal for a variety of uses, including aromatherapy and flavor enhancement, providing users with the full benefits of cannabis terpenes.

Neu Bag Terpene Infusion Bags

Terpene Infusion Bags
Neu Bag, Terpene Belt Farms’ innovative terpene infusion bags, are designed for easy and consistent cannabis infusions. These bags are perfect for enhancing the aroma and flavor of cannabis flowers, making them ideal for creating high-quality pre-rolls and other cannabis products. Simply place a Neu Bag with your flower, and within 48 hours, the terpenes will diffuse into the buds, revitalizing and enriching the cannabis experience.

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