AB1811 Would Legalize Paraphernalia for Medical Use

UPDATE March 24 – AB 1811 was passed by the Assembly Public Safety committee on March 23rd and will now go to the Assembly floor. CalNORML director Dale Gieringer testified in favor of the bill at the hearing.

March 10 – A bill to legalize medical marijuana paraphernalia has been introduced by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-SF). The bill, AB 1811, modifies the existing drug paraphernalia law to exempt items designed or marketed for lawful purposes, notably medical use of marijuana.

AB 1811 would protect both patients and vendors from bogus arrests, which continue to be reported despite passage of Prop. 215. “It makes no sense to allow medical marijuana while criminalizing the means to use it,” stated California NORML in a letter endorsing AB 1811.

Among the useful items that would no longer be illegal under AB 1811 are equipment for testing and analyzing medical marijuana; inhalation devices including water pipes, bongs and electric pipes; cultivation equipment; processing and packaging equipment including scales and balances, sifters, containers and packages; and mixing bowls, spoons and other equipment for preparing edibles and extracts.

Most of these items are presently sold under the pretense that they are for other uses like tobacco or growing tomatoes. Under AB 1811, vendors would be free to inform customers about their proper use, as well as to provide relevant consumer information and health literature on medical marijuana.

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