US District Court Rejects Marijuana Rescheduling Petition

January 22, 2013 - Jon Gettman, head of the Coalition to Reschedule Cannabis, reports that the US Court of Appeals has turned down our appeal of the DEA's rejection of our cannabis rescheduling petition.

This means that advocates must go directly to Congress and the administration to reverse the DEA's ongoing blockade against research and development of medical cannabis.

"Never underestimate the extent to which federal courts will grant supremacy to the government with regards to drug policy," said CalNORML director Dale Gieringer. "This may be the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but this country remains in the dark ages when it comes to recognizing Americans' right to medicine.

"A great hue and cry is raised against the threat of tighter government restrictions on the purchase (but not possession) of murderous weapons, but Americans sheepishly piss in the bottle when it comes to accepting the dictates of federal drug bureaucrats about what to put in their bodies."

- Dale Gieringer, Director Cal NORML (party to CRC petition)

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Cannabis to Oxycontin

For 6 years i have been useing medical cannabis.. But now the cannabis that worked so well for my pain is gone!! Now I have to take the very scary and deadly Oxycontin for my pain Great going Pres Obama and your anti medical cannabis army the DEA!! P.S. VERY HARSH AND ADDICTIVE AND DEADLY MED OXYCONTIN.. OVER THE SAFEST PAIN MED CANNABIS!! AND I BET THERE'S ALOT OF PEOPLE WHO WENT ON A HEAVY AND DANGEROUS PAINKILLER BECAUSE OF PRES Obama who himself use to use cannabis just for the hell of it for at least 2 years!!!! He's slowly controlling and taking the rights away from WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!