Signatures Submitted for Marijuana Legalization Initiative in California

May 4, 2016 - Sponsors have submitted more than 600,000 signatures for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, an adult-use legalization initiative that is expected to appear on the California ballot this November.

AUMA is funded by internet billionaire Sean Parker with support from Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom and numerous reform groups. The petitions must still be certified by the state before a ballot number is assigned.

AUMA would make several notable improvements in California law:

(1) Make it legal for adults 21 years and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use;

(2) Regulate and tax the production, manufacture, and sale of marijuana for adult use; and

(3) Rewrite criminal penalties so as to reduce existing felony penalties for cultivation, transportation, sales, possession with intent, etc to misdemeanors and allow prior offenders to petition for reduced charges.

AUMA is a lengthy and complicated measure that includes a number of glitches, restrictions and oversights that some users find objectionable. Fortunately, it also allows the legislature to fix most problems by a simple majority vote. AUMA will not be the last word on marijuana reform: further changes in state and federal law will be needed to assure medical access for legal patients, protect employment and housing rights, allow banking services and interstate transport, etc.

Californian voters are expected to approve AUMA this November, as public polls have been increasingly favorable to legalization. While AUMA does not solve all of the problems of marijuana prohibition, the approval of adult use legalization by the nation's largest state should step up pressure for national reform beyond the boiling point. Conversely, failure would undoubtedly be interpreted as a major set-back for marijuana reform at the national level.

See a complete analysis of AUMA

See AUMA's website

more government regulations, not helping

Calling this "legalization" is like calling a tofu burger "in and out."

It would make ZERO

It would make ZERO improvements; will be adamantly opposed; and ultimately shot down. :) .


I really don't think that this overly-wordy mess is going to help us much. I certainly do not trust Sean Parker.

AUMA is dystopian trash

AUMA is dystopian trash

The Dawn Of Freedom!

This is great news! - Young people don't know how lucky they are to be living in these times.

Passing AUMA will not only free millions of Californians, it will cause the collapse of the crumbling fraud of the federal marijuana prohibition.

Congratulations to all marijuana consumers, reformers and lovers of liberty!

you are misinformed; AUMA

you are misinformed; AUMA actually frees ZERO Cannabis prisoners.

The AUMA is a big mess.

I really think this is a bad idea. A simple initiative, that focused on freedoms, reasonable possession and growing limits, and then a separate one to deal with commercial stuff was the way to go.

I think this legal analysis sums up one of my big concerns about the initiative:

As for the stuff being spouted (rudely) by the National NORML folks (CANORML is great) about how we must pass the crappy bill to make progress, yadda, yadda; in rebuttal I must defer to Oliver Steinberg, a poster at this link:

We have the demographics on our side now. There is no need to settle for the "prohibition lite" that this self-serving bill from Sean Parker offers us.