California Senator Leno Sponsors Bill to Clarify SB 420 and Medical Marijuana

April 11, 2012 - Sen. Mark Leno is sponsoring a bill, SB 1182, which would clarify SB 420 so as to make it clear that entities acting consistent with the Attorney General's August 2008 guidelines may legally sell, cultivate, process, transport, etc. medical marijuana. At present, the legality of these activities is hotly disputed by hostile law enforcement officials, such as LA DA Steve Cooley. Leno's bill is based on language proposed by Mendocino Sup. John McCowen.

This bill would exempt from the criminal acts and abatement of nuisance provisions described above collectives, cooperatives, and other business entities that are organized and operated in compliance with the guidelines published by the Attorney General [in August, 2008], and the officers, members, and employees of those collectives,cooperatives, and other business entities. The bill would also exempt those entities and persons from criminal prosecution or punishment solely on the basis of the fact that they receive compensation for actual expenses incurred in carrying out activities that are in compliance with those guidelines.

California NORML strongly supports SB 1182, as it would substantially eliminate confusion over the legality of dispensaries. Cal NORML also supports a more comprehensive medical marijuana regulation measure, AB 2312, sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.

Medicine, Compensation and Collectives

The ruckus around "medicine", "compensation" and the forming of collectives is a political obfuscation of the real issue.

Marijuanna was originally "illegalized" for reasons of funneling the demand for long strand high tensile strength fibers into cotton, wood and synthetic oil fibers.
This issue like the Federal Reserve act need to be made visible and become a main part of the discussion. Aside from the fact that MJ has medicinal value the whole point of being free is to act in ways that are consistent with ones own sense of self and well being and to do no harm to others. And to be compensated appropriately according to the principals of FREE markets for providing what one provides.
There needs to be a discussion about who and how the plant was made illegal and the presumption that the government has the responsibility or the right to "protect" us needs to be questioned. I'm all for doing what we can do politically in the present but a discussion needs to be had about how to change or repeal the legislation base on the principal of stopping and preventing crony capitalism...