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Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana and Delivery is the first licensed dispensary in America, 1997. Lynnette Shaw is the Founding Mother of the entire industry! We are open 7 days a week in Fairfax, CA and have a medical storefront.

the dabbing specialists, From Aerospace to Headspace!

After decades of performance-based manufacturing for the aerospace industry, the dabbing specialists were born; we combined our manufacturing and engineering prowess with our passion for dabbing cannabis concentrates! Our mission is to outfit you with the highest-quality dabbing hardware for the lowest possible prices. We offer unmatched value at wholesale prices to the public, so if you’re on the hunt for some of the best dab kits out there, our specialists have hand-picked our products of dab rig kits, enail controllers, and dabbing accessories just for you!

Dr. Leah Johnson

Dr. Leah Johnson (known to the cannabis community as Dr. Leah) is a formally trained Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist and the owner and CEO of Alchemist Cannabis Consulting. She is also an accomplished, highly driven clinical Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation pharmacist, with primary focus in pain, mental health (depression, anxiety, Insomnia, etc.) and sexual health medication management. She also holds 3 patents (under the name: Leah Haibi) for natural herbal remedy tinctures, which she helped develop as the Head of Research & Development for an herbal supplement company.

Dr. Leah believes that complete physical & mental health and well-being can be influenced by the utilization of cannabis, as well as other herbal remedies and supplements, in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications. She believes that most patients are given too many and inappropriate prescription medications, while not being given the knowledge for utilizing effective herbals and supplements to reduce pill burden. She also believes that many patients are unable to get full relief of their ailments due to the missing components in their medication regimens.

In an effort to improve the overall health and well-being of patients, Dr. Leah works with patients and their healthcare providers, from all over the country, to reduce the amount of medications taken, alter timing and dosing of medications to improve effectiveness, and identify medications which could be causing issues. She also works with cannabis companies to advise them on dosing, safety, interactions, and how to better help their customers see health improvements with the use of their products.

She also holds a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Buds & Roses

At Buds & Roses we pride ourselves on being true to the plant. We are lifelong advocates of cannabis and strive to carry the very best selection of cannabis products available. We choose these products based on their individual merit alone. This includes a wide variety of highly curated cannabis flower. We are known for our top shelf selection, but we also take great pride in our lower priced sungrown options as well. We also support your right to grow your own! Therefore we carry a wide variety of seeds, and a selection of healthy in-house clones. Of course we also offer hash, tinctures, balms, vapes, edibles, and more! Visit us and you will not be disappointed! If you have any questions stop by or visit our live chat on our webpage open anytime daily from 9-8.

Oaksterdam University

Recognized industry-wide for our rigorous academic learning environment, we have something to offer cannabis professionals at every experience level.
From the earliest days of the medical cannabis movement in North America, Oaksterdam University has been committed to our mission of providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to lead and succeed in the industry.
Today, with more than 40,000 alumni worldwide, we are the most recognized name in cannabis education. Our cross-disciplinary curriculum covers the most recent developments in cultivation, business, and policy but is grounded in the legacy of the cannabis legalization movement. We offer students a historical perspective, examining how prohibition has shaped the industry and how it continues to influence it today.
As a student, you will join our vast community of successful entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and seasoned advocates who set the tone and pace of the modern cannabis industry.

CANNASCAPE cannabis storage & product protection

Planetary designs new CannaScape containers reaches out with over 15 years of experience and success innovating coffee, tea & food storage, expanding to meet the needs of the cannabis industry is only natural! WE love sharing our storage solution with the world and teaching proper ways to take care of your cannabis! We use our products everyday and want to ensure our customers enjoy them as much as we do!

View cannascape products and other outdoor adventure gear for purchase at this link:

Lytt, Cannabis On The Coast

With Nor-Cal roots and coastal vibes, our friendly and knowledgeable budtender team will treat you like family. We’re located one block from the beautiful Pacifica Pier shoreline and proud to being cannabis to the coast. Come visit us any time before you hit the beach, pier, or rad hiking trails for unique boutique strains, live plants, and an insane menu selection. Bring Fido!

Mio Asami

Mio Asami was born in Los Angeles and grew up sharing time living between the United States and Tokyo, Japan. Following an unconventional path, she possesses a background in transactional business law, intellectual property law, and videography. Mio is a licensed attorney in California with a focus on the Los Angeles, aiding businesses navigate licensure and development in an emerging industry.

In her legal practice, Mio’s focus is the representation of closely-held entities and emerging growth companies through the whole business life cycle, including entity selection, formation, equity and debt financing transactions, acquisitions and, if appropriate, the transfer or sale of the business. In addition, Mio advises on capital raising transactions working with companies looking for capital as well as venture capital and private equity funds. Mio serves as outside general counsel to clients in support of operations, capital raising, corporate governance, commercial transactions, contract drafting and negotiation, intellectual property and general business matters. Mio Asami has acted as a bridge for bringing together Los Angeles’ diverse, multicultural industry and helping her Client’s pursue business opportunities. She is the connection to the Los Angeles Cannabis Community.
Mio attained her Baccalaureate from Western Washington University as a psychology major and got her J.D. from the Seattle University School of Law. Bilingual and bicultural, Mio loves to incorporate her diverse background in finding the best solutions for clients.

Mio has an active practice that serves risk management and business development functions for clients in high-risk niche verticals, including the sale of hemp-based and CBD-infused products. As a leading authority on CBD and Cannabis Law, Mio is regularly asked to speak on the subject at conference and seminars. Outside of work, Mio spends her time indulging and critiquing movies, going to concerts, and vlogging. You can reach Mio at

Aaron Pelley

Our team is experienced, connected, and influential in the cannabis industry. We not only produce unparalleled professional results for clients, but our strategic legal counsel also lead the way in helping develop new laws and policies applicable to marijuana businesses. We are well known in the legal community, connecting with influential industry leaders through a variety of professional associations and teaching Continuing Legal Education seminars, educating other attorneys about the important nuances in practicing in this unique and burgeoning marijuana industry in California.

Clients count on us to ensure they are fully informed and protected by an aggressive and thoughtful line of defense when making all marijuana business decisions. We have the depth of experience specifically in cannabis to properly guide you.
Our ability to integrate outstanding litigation strategies into insightful and resourceful business solutions – and to back it up with proven trial skills – can make all the difference when protecting your business in this competitive and rapidly evolving industry.


HempStaff is an industry leader in hemp recruiting and cannabis recruiting and cannabis training. Our Cannabis Recruiting Division focuses on finding the best employees for all types of hemp or cannabis jobs. HempStaff offers several cannabis training courses and is state accredited to train for the Illinois Responsible Vendor and the Massachusetts Responsible Vendor.

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