Two Thirds of California’s Counties Vote for Prop. 64

UPDATED 11/28/16

According to the Secretary of State, Proposition 64 to legalize the adult use and sale of marijuana, carried in 39 of California’s 58 counties, with only 19 counties voting against the measure, many of them by narrow margins.

San Francisco led the pack with a whopping 74.3% voting in favor of legalization. Coming in at 70 per cent were Marin and Santa Cruz counties, with Alameda county following at 66% and San Mateo at 63%.

Unlike with Prop. 19, which was on the ballot to legalize adult use of marijuana in 2010, the Emerald Triangle voted in favor of Prop. 64. Humboldt County voted 59% in favor, Lake County 58% and Mendocino 54%. In Trinity County, the proposition carried by six votes (50.05%).

Los Angeles voted resoundingly in favor of legalization with 59%, as did Santa Barbara (61%), Monterey (62.5%), Mono (61.6%), Alpine (61.3%), Napa (61%), Yolo (60.5%), Contra Costa (60%), Del Norte (59.5%), Sonoma (59%), Solano (58%) and Santa Clara (58%). Following were San Luis Obispo (57.5%), San Diego (56.7%), San Benito (55%), Ventura (55%), Inyo (55%), Sacramento (53.6%), Butte (53.3%), Nevada (52.8%), Riverside (52.4%), Plumas (52%), Tuolumne (52%), and San Bernardino (52%). Orange County squeaked by with 51.7% in favor, as did Merced (50.5%), Sierra (51%), Siskiyou (51.8%), Mariposa (51.4%), and San Joaquin (51%).

El Dorado was a near miss, with 49.7% in favor. Also close were Stanislaus (49.3%), Tehama (48.5%), Shasta (48%), Amador (47.9%), Placer (47.7%), Calaveras (47%), Yuba (47%), Fresno (47%), and Glenn (47%). Bringing up the rear were Kern (46%), Modoc (46%), Lassen (45.6%), Imperial (45%), Sutter (45%), Tulare (44%), Madera (44%), Colusa (43.7%), and Kings (43.6%).

Overall the measure carried the state with 57.13% of the vote.

In addition, over 50 marijuana measures were on local ballots to regulate and tax marijuana.

Marijuana tax measures passed by hefty margins in almost every case. Measures favored by local industry advocates failed in Mendocino, Lake County, and Costa Mesa.

Measures to permit cannabis businesses were turned down in Avalon, Lemon Grove, Yuba County. Measures to allow cannabis businesses were approved in Inyo County, La Mesa, and Sierra County.

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