March 26, 2009 – Yesterday’s DEA raid on a San Francisco medical cannabis club is a wake-up slap to everyone who was hoping for the best from Attorney General Holder’s promise to end DEA raids.

Not surprisingly, DEA agents are claiming that the club in question, Emmalyn’s, was in violation of state law. However, Emmalyn’s is licensed by the city of San Francisco and was offered no due process in state courts. According to a report in the SF Chronicle, the DEA alleges that Emmalyn’s was not paying its full state sales taxes. The normal process in such cases is for the Board of Equalization to audit the business in question, NOT for federal agents to enter like storm troopers and steal all of the business’s inventory.

The Obama administration must be held accountable for the DEA’s continued lawlessness. What is needed is a formal federal policy assuring that any future raids on medical marijuana providers are specifically approved by STATE authorities. Protests need to be sent to the White House and to Congress.

– Dale Gieringer, Cal NORML

Photo: www.sanfranciscocannabisclubs.com

UPDATE 4/11/2009:
Holder’s pot policy unclear on old state cases by Bob Egelko, SF Chronicle

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