Rep. Frank Re-Introduces Bill to Recognize State Medical Marijuana Laws – HR 2835

Cal NORML thanks Rep. Barney Frank for re-introducing his bill to let states legally regulate medical marijuana. The bill, HR 2835, known as the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, would exempt California and other states with medical marijuana laws from federal
laws prohibiting the prescription, recommendation, possession, production, or distribution of medical marijuana. It would also reschedule marijuana to Schedule 2.

Many thanks to California representatives Sam Farr, Lynn Woolsey, Dana Rohrabacher, Mike Thompson, George Miller, and Pete Stark for co-sponsoring HR 2835. Other California Congress members should be encouraged to support this bill. Contact your member

This bill is essentially the same as the “State’s Rights to Medical Marijuana” bill sponsored by Rep. Frank in previous Congresses. Hopefully, its prospects will prove better given the change in administration.


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