Mendo Measure B Blamed for Increased Arrests

Cal NORML Release – Oct 17, 2009

Mendocino reported a record number of marijuana arrests in 2008, according to data from the Cal DOJ Bureau of Criminal Statistics.

Felony arrests soared to an all-time record of 238, up 42% from 167 in 2007.

Misdemeanors increased to 169, up from 129 last year. (The record number of misdemeanors in Mendo was 267 in 2001).

The surge in marijuana felonies in Mendocino appears to be attributable to Measure B, which tightened the county’s marijuana policy as of last June.

Mendocino is unique among California’s counties in that its felony arrests outnumber misdemeanors. Statewide, there were 17,126 marijuana felonies versus 61,388 misdemeanors in 2008. Per capita, Mendo’s marijuana felony arrest rate is six time that of the rest of the state; for misdemeanors, its rate is just slightly above average.

– D. Gieringer, CaNORML

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