Marijuana Taxes & Regulations on Local Ballots

UPDATED 10/18 – Several cities will be voting on marijuana business tax measures on this November’s ballot. In addition to applying to medical marijuana sales, some would apply to recreational marijuana in the event Prop 19 passes.

Cal NORML opposes Albany Measure Q, La Puente Measure N, Rancho Cordova Measure O, San Jose Measure U, and the dispensary bans in Santa Barbara and Morro Bay. We support Berkeley’s Measure T and are neutral on the other tax measures.

The city of Albany is proposing a $25/square foot tax on non-profit medical marijuana facilities of any kind, plus a 1.8% business tax on for-profit cannabis businesses. CAL NORML OPPOSES.

Berkeley will be voting on a tax of 2.5% for medical marijuana and 10% for recreational marijuana (Measure S). It will also be voting on a separate ordinance to authorize six cultivation & processing facilities in the city with taxes on gross receipts and square footage (Measure T). NORML supports Measure T and takes no position on Measure S.

Oakland will be voting whether to hike its existing tax from 1.8% to 5% for medical marijuana and add a 10% tax for recreational. The measure is endorsed by Prop 19 sponsor Richard Lee.

Rancho Cordova is proposing two measures: Measure H, requiring cannabis businesses to pay a tax to fund general municipal services, should Prop. 19 pass. The second is a prohibitive, $600 per square foot tax on all marijuana cultivation, even for personal medical use (Measure O). California NORML strongly opposes Measure O as an unconstitutional violation of patients’ rights under Prop 215.

Other proposed ballot tax measures include:
Long Beach: 5% medical, 10% recreational
Richmond: 5% medical, 5% recreational
Sacramento: 4% medical, 10% recreational
San Jose: 10% medical , but would apply to growers as well as retailers (Measure U) – CAL NORML OPPOSES
Stockton: 2.5% medical, 10% recreational

La Puente is proposing two measures: (1) a Medical Mj Cooperative Tax (Measure N) equal to 10% on receipts or $100/ square ft, depending on the operation’s tax exempt status with the city; and (2) a Cannabis Business Tax of 10% on non-medicinal if Prop 19 passes (Measure M). Cal NORML opposes Measure N.

The cities of Santa Barbara and Morro Bay will be voting on measures to ban storefront medical marijuana dispensaries. Cal NORML OPPOSES.

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