Arkansas Anti-Discrimination Law


(f) Discrimination

(1) No school or landlord may refuse to enroll or lease to, or otherwise penalize, an individual solely for his or her status as a Qualifying Patient or a Designated Caregiver, unless failing to do so would put the school or landlord in violation of federal law or regulations.

(2) For the purposes of medical care, including organ transplants, a Qualifying Patient’s use of Cannabis in accordance with this chapter shall be considered the equivalent of the authorized use of any other medication used at the direction of a Physician, and shall not constitute the use of an illicit substance.

(3) An employer shall not discriminate against an individual in hiring, termination, or any term or condition of employment, or otherwise penalize an individual, based upon the individual’s past or present status as a Qualifying Patient or Designated Caregiver.

(g) Person shall not be denied custody of or visitation with minor. A person otherwise entitled to custody of, or visitation or parenting time with, a minor shall not be denied custody, visitation or parenting time and there shall be no finding of abuse solely for conduct allowed under this chapter and there shall be no presumption of neglect or child endangerment for conduct allowed under this chapter, unless the individual’s behavior is such that it creates an unreasonable danger to the safety or welfare of the minor that can be established by clear and convincing evidence.

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