News Archive 2007

December 2007

  • DEA raids cost California $ millions in sales tax revenues.
  • DEA launches sweeping statewide attack on medical cannabis dispensaries.
  • Federal crackdown on medical marijuana in Eastern District threatens Prop 215 caregivers with federal prison, forfeiture. More prosecutions for medical marijuana than terrorism in California. (List of federal medical marijuana cases).
  • Callifornia’s $1 billion medical marijuana market could yield $100 million in taxes, but DEA raids disrupt collection.
  • November 2007

  • California NORML testifies on carcinogenicity of marijuana smoke
  • October 2007

  • Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoes hemp bill for second year in a row.
  • September 2007

  • Sacramento DEA raid an unjustified attack on patients’ access to medical marijuana
  • August 2007

  • Mendocino County OKs 25 plants, sheriff starts zip-tie program for medical marijuana gardens.
  • July 2007

  • LA DEA raids 10 medical cannabis dispensaries on same day that Congress rejects Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment to end DEA medical marijuana raids
  • LA DEA threatens landlords of Los Angeles medical cannabis coops
  • DEA announces medical cannabis arrests in Bakersfield, Morro Bay, Corona, Los Angeles. Owners charged with profiteering.
  • CA bill to relieve medical cannabis dispensaries of back sales taxes (SB 529 – Migden).
  • June 2007

  • Mendocino Co. Supervisors urge legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana.
  • March 2007

  • NORML challenges Lakeport medical marijuana cultivation ban.
  • February 2007

  • Judge orders DEA to stop blocking medical marijuana research.
  • Cal Dept of Health announces cutback in fee hike for state medical marijuana ID cards effective April 1st, 2007.
  • UCSF study finds medical marijuana effective against HIV pain.
  • January 2007

  • DEA raids 11 LA area dispensaries; West Hollywood officials protest.(List of federal medical marijuana cases).
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