Get Listed: Listing on CalNORML’s Physicians Pages

The only listing that’s really brought me patients over the years has been CANORML.
-Dr. William Eidelman, Los Angeles

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California NORML pioneered cannabis physicians listings and is the most respected and complete listing on the web. Our physicians’ page has recently been upgraded to include zip code/city search capabilities.

Our website pages receive over 4 million views yearly. Searching for “medical marijuana doctors california” brings up our doctor’s page as the first or second entry on Google.

Currently listed physicians whose membership fees are paid are listed on the site in their counties. (If you have a question about your membership status, write to [email protected].)

Listing memberships are $100 per six months for a 6-month regular listing; for a premium listing including a logo or photo is $250 for six months. To list more than one office, please fill out a form for each.

CALIFORNIA NORML RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DELIST ANY DOCTOR’S OFFICE FOR ENGAGING IN UNETHICAL CONDUCT. Our policy is not to list doctors who issue so-called “cultivation certificates.”

Sign up for a listing online

Listings are generally posted within 48 hours of application and payment

Alternatively, you may download the California Cannabis Physician Questionnaire and send it with your check to the address on the form. Please allow 10 days for listing by mail.

Renewing Your Listings
You will receive notice when your listings are due for renewal.

Pay your renewal fee online.