Gov. Newsom Signs Cannabis Compassion Bill

UPDATE 10/13/2019 – The Governor has signed the bill into law. Thanks to all our supporters who sent letters in support. Cal NORML networks sent over 3000 letters to lawmakers in 2019.

UPDATE 9/21/2019 – SB 34, the Dennis Peron & Brownie Mary Cannabis Compassion bill, has passed through the CA legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature. 

Joined by co-sponsor Sen. Nancy Skinner (Berkeley), Senator Scott Wiener (San Francisco) announced he will introduce SB 34 to protect cannabis compassion programs in California in 2019.

A coalition of caregivers, veterans groups, and other patient advocates including Cal NORML worked with Wiener’s office last year to pass SB 829 through the state legislature. However, Governor Brown callously vetoed the measure. This year, Gavin Newsom will be Governor and it’s hoped our new governor will be more compassionate.

Ever since the passage of Prop. 215 in 1996, it has been the practice of many providers to donate a portion of their product free of charge to needy patients through charitable compassion programs. These programs are now threatened by Prop. 64, which requires that all donations be taxed at the same rate as if they were sold. Thus every pound of cannabis which is donated free of charge to legal patients is liable for nearly $1000 in state taxes.

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Protecting Compassion Programs is one of Cal NORML’s goals for 2019. Read more about Cal NORML and our future goals.



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