California NORML Backs CCPR Unity Initiative for Marijuana Legalization 2016

Plans are afoot for a unity initiative to legalize marijuana in California in 2016. A statewide coalition of advocates, including California NORML, has formed the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), to help lead the effort under the banner of Besides NORML, members of CCPR include the California Cannabis Industry Association, Emerald Growers Association, LEAP, ASA, UFCW, NAACP, GLACA, and William C. Velazquez Institute.

CCPR will be working in conjunction with two national partners, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), in supporting and planning the 2016 effort.

CCPR’s aim is specifically to represent the interests of Californians—consumers, patients, the industry and workers, friends, and the public­­—to ensure the initative is tailored to the state’s unique needs and traditions on the forefront of cannabis reform.

California NORML is calling for a comprehensive initiative to regulate marijuana along similar lines as Colorado. Included would be provisions to:

• make it legal for adults to possess, cultivate, use and share cannabis for personal use;
• decriminalize and eliminate felony penalties for minor cultivation and distribution offenses;
• strengthen and protect medical access for patients in genuine medical need;
• establish a legally regulated and taxed system for commercial production and sales along similar lines as alcohol
• allow for on-site consumption in licensed premises; and
• clear felony records of non-violent marijuana offenders.

Cal NORML encourages friends and members to join us in supporting CCPR’s 2016 effort by visiting You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Ready4ReformCA.

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