California Has Legalized Marijuana: What’s Next?

With the passage of Prop. 64 by California voters in November 2016, it is now legal for all adults over 21 to purchase and use cannabis in California. Read more about your rights in California.

It’s a new day, but there is still much work to be done!  Here are some of the areas where Cal NORML continues to be active for your rights.

– We still don’t have our full human rights: currently, you can lose your job in California for using cannabis, even for medical use. We are working to change that. 

– Dozens of laws are being introduced in Sacramento yearly to address various aspects of the regulated system. Cal NORML watchdogs these proposed laws and submits testimony in favor, or in opposition, while activating our members to reach out to their elected officials. We hold an annual Lobby Day to gather activists in Sacramento, arranging meetings with their legislators’ offices and giving our members a voice in their government.

– Currently, most cities and counties in the state have not licensed cannabis businesses, despite widespread support among voters for legalization. Cal NORML and local NORML chapters throughout the state are working towards opening up cannabis retailers and consumption rooms, by countering misinformation about public safety concerns and assisting with the writing and implementation of local ordinances.

– Federal law remain an impedance on issues like banking, research, and other rights. We work closely with our national NORML office on these issues and attend the national Lobby Day, scheduled in 2019 for September 8-10.

Read more about Cal NORML’s 2018 Accomplishments and Plans for 2019.

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