CA Legislature 2007-8 Session Ends

The California legislature ended its regular session for 2007-8 after approving an important piece of cannabis reform legislation: Mark Leno’s bill AB 2279 to ban employment discrimination against medical marijuana patients. Urge the Governor to sign AB 2279

Altogether, the legislature voted on three cannabis reform measures in the two-year session. The State Senate approved a resolution by Sen. Carole Migden calling for an end to DEA medical marijuana raids, but the resolution was not taken up in the assembly. Last year, the legislature passed an industrial hemp bill, but it was vetoed by the Governor.

As has been the pattern in recent years, marijuana reform enjoyed strong support from the Democratic leadership and strong opposition from Republicans. Democrats voted 150 – 10 on MJ reform measures, while Republicans voted 8-96 against.

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State Senate votes

Assembly votes

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