Tell Obama to Call Off the War on Medical Marijuana in California

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The federal assault on medical marijuana is escalating. Lawsuits against property owners have been filed in several districts of the state. Dispensaries have been raided, and Mendocino County’s outdoor licensed garden program has also been shut down by federal threats.

The Obama administration has now closed more dispensaries than all its predecessors put together. Also:

• The federal government has raided Oaksterdam University, targeted for closure prominent collectives that have respected local laws, and undermined
local efforts to legally regulate medical marijuana
• The IRS is denying tax-paying dispensaries reasonable expense deductions.
• The Dept. of Treasury is browbeating banks to close accounts of marijuana collectives.
• The BATF is denying medical marijuana patients’ right to have firearms.
• The DEA has turned down a petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use, ignoring extensive scientific evidence of marijuana’s efficacy.
• NIDA has blocked a proposed study on medical marijuana for PTSD.

Click here to email the White House
White House Hotline: 202-456-1111 6AM-2PM PDT
DOJ: 202-353-1555 [email protected]

  • NORML Attorneys Challenge Federal Crackdown
    Nov. 7, 2011 – NORML attorneys notified the federal government today that they were filing suit against the crackdown on medical marijuana in all four federal court districts of California. The lawsuit cites multiple constitutional arguments and seeks an immediate TRO or injunction against the DOJ in federal court.


  • CalNORML Statement at Press Conference in SF
    Oct. 19, 2011 – It’s time for the federal government to recognize the truth: Marijuana is medicine. Current federal policy is bankrupt and counterproductive. It’s time for DOJ policy to change and recognize Californians’ right to medical marijuana.



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