CaNORML in the News

Bruce Margolin: L.A. should move forward on medical marijuana clinics – not backward
L.A. Daily News
December 13, 2009

Medical-Pot Backers React to New Obama Policy
San Francisco Chronicle
October 19, 2009

Obama Policy Shift On Marijuana Turns Heads
Contra Costa Times
October 19, 2009

Legal-Pot Backers Split on Timing
The Wall Street Journal
October 3, 2009

Anti-pot bigotry lives on
San Francisco Chronicle
September 29, 2009

NORML Tackles Crime and Money
Eureka Times-Standard
September 27, 2009

Marijuana Advocates Discuss Growing Public Support for Legalization
Eureka Times-Standard
September 26, 2009

Value of Medical Marijuana Is in the Eyes of the Inhaler
Contra Costa Times
August 29, 2009

Advocacy group says DEA medical marijuana arrests may be firsts under Obama
Lake County News
August 24, 2009

Legalized pot a tough sell in governor’s race
SF Chronicle
August 8, 2009

Oakland Proposes Statewide Semi-Legalization of Pot
Eureka Times Standard
July 29, 2009

CalNORML director Dale Gieringer guests on KQED’s Forum
Topic: The Business of Medical Marijuana
July 24, 2009

With ‘Med Pot’ Raids Halted, Selling Grass Grows Greener
Wall Street Journal
July 23, 2009

Oakland Voters Approve Marijuana Tax
Christian Science Monitor
July 22, 2009

Pot Raids Ramp Up This Week
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
June 23, 2009

Legalize Pot? Advocates Thrilled With Change in Polls
Oakland Tribune
Monterey Herald
May 13, 2009

Prompted By Schwarzenegger, North Coast Begins Debating Legalizing Pot
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
May 11, 2009

US Wants 5-Year Term For Medical Pot Seller
San Francisco Chronicle
April 21, 2009

Legalizing Pot Makes Lots Of Cents For Our Cash-Starved Government
April 14, 2009

Community Divided on Marijuana Issue
The Orion; Cal State Chico
April 8, 2009

California can lead the Nation out of this Depression by legalizing Marijuana
By Dave Stancliff/For the Times-Standard (Eureka)
March 08, 2009

Why not pot?
Daily Titan
March 10, 2009

Seeing the Benefits of Legalizing Weed
By Tom Hennessey
Long Beach Press Telegram and Contra Costa Times
March 08, 2009

California can lead the Nation out of this Depression by legalizing Marijuana
By Dave Stancliff/For the Times-Standard

Time has come to legalize pot
By Dale Gieringer, California NORML
LA Daily News 03/08/2009

Legalize marijuana and reap the revenues for California
By Dale Gieringer, California NORML
San Jose Mercury News, 03/01/2009

Bill Would Legalize, Tax Marijuana in California
CBS 5 News with Phil Matier
Feb. 23, 2009

Ammiano offers bill to legalize, tax marijuana
By Malcolm Maclachlan, Capitol Weekly
February 26, 2009

Polls: Never been a better time to legalize pot