Advocates Back CA Medical MJ Regulation Initiative for 2012 Ballot

UPDATE 3/8/2012 – Safe Access Now and UFCW are working with the California legislature on a bill, AB2312, containing many of the provisions of MMRCT. Monies raised towards the initiative will be spent lobbying for the bill.

January 23, 2012 – A comprehensive initiative to revamp California’s medical marijuana laws has been filed for the 2012 ballot: the Medical Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act.

The initiative is designed to address widespread public concern over the confusing and chaotic state of medical marijuana laws in California. The lack of clear and unambiguous state laws
regarding distribution and sales has been a major factor behind the continued federal raids on dispensaries and providers in California.

MMRCTA is designed so as to fulfill Prop 215’s mandate to establish “safe and affordable access” to all patients in medical need. The campaign is backed by a broad coalition of advocates including: ASA, the UFCW, Cal NORML, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, DPA, MPP, California Cannabis Association, the Emerald Growers’ Association, and others.

Sponsors believe that the MMRCTA is the most pressing and realistic ballot proposal for cannabis reform in California in 2012. Their campaign poll found that 70+% of California voters support uniform state rules for regulating, controlling and taxing medical marijuana, well above the 60% threshold that is regarded to be necessary for a successful initiative. In contrast, a slim 52% support full-scale adult legalization.

Sponsors have lined up start-up funding and are urgently seeking an additional $1 million in pledges for the petition drive, which is expected to launch around Feb. 9th. Donations can be made on-line to Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana.

See initiative text and summary

– Dale Gieringer, MMRCTA campaign committee

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