CalNORML Statement at Today's Press Conference in SF

- California NORML Press Release 10/20/11

Statement by Dale Gieringer:
It is now 15 years since Californians approved Prop 215. It is a disgrace that the federal government has not done one thing to recognize American's right to use marijuana as medicine in this time. Instead, it has reacted with harassment, threats, arrests, raids, and prosecutions in defense of a bankrupt federal policy.

The latest threat is to use property forfeiture to force landlords to close dispensaries that are deemed to be too close to "sensitive areas" such as schools and playgrounds. It is a grotesque abuse of federal law to use such tactics to interfere in what should be local land use decisions.

The dispensaries that have been targeted- Divinity Tree and Medithrive in San Francisco, the Marin Alliance in Fairfax - have been operating in full compliance with local and state law without complaint from the community.

The problem isn't here in San Francisco or Marin, it's in Washington DC. This is a blatant misuse of DOJ enforcement resources.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only example:

(1) The DEA has raided a model collective, Northstone Organics in Mendocino County, which was spearheading the county's efforts to pioneer a cultivation licensing system.

(2) US Attorneys have threatened public officials - in Oakland, Chico, Washington State, and elsewhere - with arrest for trying to enact legislation to regulate and license medical cannabis.

(3) The IRS has been assessing backbreaking penalties on tax-paying dispensaries, denying them standard business deductions.

(4) The Dept of Treasury has pressured banks into withdrawing financial services from collectives.

(5) The BATF has declared that medical marijuana patients are unfit to enjoy the right of other Americans to bear firearms

(6) The DEA has denied a petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use, totally ignoring scores of scientific studies, including those of California's own Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

It's time for the federal government to recognize the truth: Marijuana is medicine. Current federal policy is bankrupt and counterproductive. It's time for DOJ policy to change and recognize Californians' right to medical marijuana.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 1:42 p.m.

fascist government policies

So, I wanted to avoid government bashing on this site for many reasons. I don't agree with the useless bashing of those who have helped reform so much for this country.
With that said, I am also the type of person that sticks up and go to bat for what they believe in....regardless of the opposition. What is happening right now is ludicrous. The federal government is completely out of line with what they are doing. I can understand that they want to put a stop to interstate trafficking, and illegal sales. What I can't why they are even targeting the collectives/co-operatives that are paying there taxes and doing things the way they were told to, by the same government that is now "crucifying" even those who are abiding by government law. This is almost like having to go back to the prohibition of alcohol.(we all know how well that worked out)We are starting to play the same game, only this time it is for something that is almost completely harmless. It is my belief that the government needs to re-asses their priorities and how they spend our tax money. There are other drugs destroying America like methamphetamine's, pharmaceutical drugs, are just a couple of examples. It must be difficult to raid those places...this must be collective/ co-operatives are being raided today. It's easy to call a war on drugs, and only attack medicinal marijuana. It is probably not as dangerous as raiding real cartels. There are a lot if innocent people going and doing federal time over marijuana....not all are large offenses either. I believe that our rights as U.S. citizens, are being abused, and the more we let it go without taking (non-violent) action, the more we show them we have no say as a people. Do what you can for the cause, and bring back the freedom "America" is well known for.