CA Zero-Tolerance Cannabinoid DUI Bill Introduced

March 10, 2012 - A bill that would establish a zero-tolerance DUI standard for marijuana has been introduced in the California legislature.

The bill, AB 2552 by Norma Torres (D-Pomona), would make any driver found with non-zero levels of cannabinoids in blood or urine presumptively guilty of DUI.

Since cannabinoids remain in the system for days or weeks after last use, the bill would effectively outlaw driving by every marijuana user in the state.

 There is no scientific basis for zero-tolerance DUI standards.  To begin with, there is no relationship between impairment and the presence of cannabinoids in urine. Secondly, there is no relationship between impairment and  the presence of non-psychoactive cannabinoid metabolites in blood.  Third, there is extensive evidence that safe driving is not incompatible with low levels of active THC in the blood.

 Cal NORML bill regards defeat of this bill to be a major legislative priority. We will update our members as the bill moves toward hearings.

 - D. Gieringer

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By Chris Roberts, SF Weekly, Mon., Mar. 12 2012

Zero Tolerance to Cannabinoids = DUI

If you are going to go this far Norma Torres, why don't you make a law for Zero Tolerance for Legistlators on any Psych Meds like Zoloft or Paxil or even people who take Sleeping Pills Lunesta have side effects where people do things they don't know what they are doing! Zoloft dampens empathy, psych meds distort reality and compassion and sleeping pills are known to cause people to do things they wouldn't normally do and don't even remember doing. This is not the first Bill Norma Torres has proposed on her list of pet projects that do not focus on priority needs. I don't like her dirty politics that only serve to increase revenues for paying into Police, D.A., jails and the Court System this trend of collecting money from people by creating more fines. She has no idea what she is going to ignite with this dumb law. As written above there is no way yet to measure an amount of marijuana as there is for drinking. Imagine if there was a law that said NO ALCOHOL can be detected in the blood? Well that would also include people who taking sulfa drugs to kill Candida, the Candida turns in to an alcohol.

Norma Torres comes from Guatamala. The U.S. just sent tanks in to Mexico all the way to Panama to fight drug lords. How audacious. The President of Guatamala is holding meeting with leaders of other South AMerican countries to LEGALIZE marijuana in order to stop the bloodshed anticipated. That's a pretty radical step for a man who was determined to squash crime and drug lords. She has no idea what she is getting in to and I'd like to know what the devil she is thinking. What is her tunnel vision?


Lets see; AGAIN law makers (we put them in office) say you can have UP TO a certain level of "Alcohol" in your system BEFORE you are "impaired" but ANY amount is a DUI of "Cannabis". Where is equal justice under the law?