Mixed Legislative News in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO August 14, 2013 - The California legislature delivered good and bad news for marijuana advocates after activists walked the State Capitol for a medical marijuana lobbying day this Monday.

On the plus side, Sen. Ellen Corbett withdrew a bill (SB 648) that would have banned e-cigarettes and vaporizers in non-smoking areas. After being informed that the bill would adversely impact medical marijuana patients, many of whom must rely on vaporizers in order to consume their medicine, Sen. Corbett agreed to consider amending the bill to address their concerns. The bill may be re-heard next session. Thanks to our many supporters who contacted their legislators against SB 648.

On the minus side, Sen. Darrell Steinberg withdrew his medical marijuana regulation bill, SB 439, which would have cleared up ambiguities in existing law by clarifying the legality of collectives that follow the state attorney general's guidelines. The bill faced tough sledding in the Assembly Health Committee due to strong objections from the California Police Chiefs and Cal Narcotics Officers Association, which have consistently opposed legal regulation of medical marijuana. The possibility remains that a medical marijuana reform bill can be revived in the final days of the session, which ends on Sept 13th. However, sponsors will have to overcome persisting resistance in the Assembly, which voted down another medical marijuana regulation bill by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano earlier this session.


Thank you for fighting this bill!! I use the electronic vaporizer as a safer alternative to smoking, because I am just one out of thousands and thousands that just can not quit smoking for the life of them. The electronic cigarette (it's only called a cigarette, because it simulates smoking but without the tar, toxins and other hazardous chemicals). is a life saver for people like me. Had this bill of gone through, I would have had to either go back to smoking, and be a legal citizen, or become an outlaw and go underground. Thank you for speaking up on this Bill. Nicotine helps me to focus, calms me, and without tar and nasty toxins, it even helps my body to heal from all those years of smoking cigarettes. Mr. Hon Lik, the inventor of this should receive a Nobel Peace prize for the lives he has saved.

First Thanks To CAL NORML for taking a stand

I am an ecigarette user, and while I know the reason they opposed the ecig bill. Will must all stand vigilant
and continue to let our voices be hear.
Ecig users and I sure medicinal users
continuously contacted state officials regarding
this bill and opposing it.
If we all stand together and remain united we
ecig users and medicinal users we forever be victourous.
Lets stand together and not be divided in the fight for
our health and freedom.