UPDATE 6/17/2014 - The bill passed by a vote of 10-2 through the Assembly Business and Professions committee and appears headed for the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, June 24. Stay tuned.

Read CalNORML's letter on the bill and see the latest version of the bill.

To see the Business and Professions committee hearing, go to: and click on Assembly Business, Professions & Consumer Protection Committee for June 17. It starts around 2:15

UPDATE 6/16/2014 - New amendments to the bill have been posted. It's heading to the Assembly Business and Professions committee on Tuesday, June 17.

UPDATE 6/12/2014 - The Correa bill has passed in the Senate and has had its first reading in the Assembly. The latest draft of SB 1262 is still woefully incomplete. It lacks any consumer protection provisions for product testing, safety or labeling; has no regulations for processing of edibles or testing, nor provisions regarding transportation. It fails to provide a phase-in period for the writing of regulations, or provisional licensing pending their finalization. It also provides no clear-cut exemptions from criminal penalties for licensees.

It is to be hoped that all of these shortcomings will be addressed by the author before the bill proceeds through the Assembly. SB 1262 was approved by the Senate on the understanding that the details would be filled in later. This will have to be done by the time the bill is heard by the Assembly during the week of June 23-7.

Californians with concerns about the bill should contact their Assemblymember. To find out who that is, click here.

Sacramento May 27 - The CA State Senate is expected to vote this week on Sen. Correa's medical marijuana bill SB 1262. See current text of the measure.

The bill has been amended so as to give broad authority to local governments. In specific, under SB 1262:

- Licensing would be issued through the Dept. of Consumer Affairs instead of the Dept of Public Health.

- Anyone selling, providing, growing or processing marijuana could do so only at a state licensed site, except as allowed for patients and caregivers under Prop 215 and SB 420 (arguably, this might include some patient cultivation collectives).

- All licensees would be required to provide a certified copy of the local government's approval to operate within its borders. Local jurisdictions would be free to prohibit any and all facilities they pleased.

- License fees would be set by the department to cover, but not exceed, actual costs of administration.

- All applicants would be subject to fingerprint background checks by the CA Dept of Justice and FBI. Applicants could be denied a license based on past criminal convictions if the crime was "substantially related" to the activities they are seeking a license for.

- Licensed facilities would have to comply with specified security measures: finished products to be stored in a secure locked vault; access restricted to patients, caregivers and facility personnel.

- Licensed cultivation facilities must weigh, inventory, and video record all marijuana to be transported from the site.

- Discrepancies in inventory must be reported to law enforcement within 24 hours

- Local jurisdictions could authorize any additional restrictions they wished.

- Violations punishable by a civil fine of up to $35,000 each. (In addition, other existing criminal penalties would remain in place for non-licensed offenders.)

- Physicians could not have any monetary connection with a state licensed facility.

- The California Medical Board would consult with the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research on developing guidelines for administration of medical marijuana.

- Advertisements by physicians would have to include a specified one-paragraph written notice to consumers.

- The bill does not specify any regulations regarding labeling, testing, product safety standards, etc.

Also approved on May 23 by the appropriations committee was Rep. Ammiano's AB1894, which would put regulatory authority with the Alcohol Beverage Control agency. It is expected to be voted on in the Assembly this week. UPDATE 5/29: The Ammiano bill failed in the Assembly. See vote.

Find your legislator here.


Am I just confused or does this bill stop everything we voted for .it says you my st be licensed to grow your own meds ? And if you have a prior marijuana charge you can't be eligible ? Isn't this why we have been fighting ? Isn't this why our warriors are in cages ? Because we fought for your and my rights And to punish them and tell them no lic for you or to even have to go thru any of that bs to grow our own medicinal plants is bullshit. It looks like a big business tactic to push all the little guys out and let the big money in our industry take over. Well guess what most of the quality meds we love doesn't come from these guys because its usually no good. We need the mom and pop grows the small guys and the big guys for that matter not a legislation that separates us all and screws the little guy . And why the hell is my norml supporting this bull you guys I thought knew better. If we've got them on the ropes why let them right up the bill its our medicine its our plant .who knows this herb better than anyone us. Not a bunch of police station officers not a bunch of politicians. Is norml part of big marijuana ? We need to rethink this bill I don't think its any good for any one except the black market and the police .


There already exists an effective method whereby distribution, quality control, and price regulation exists. It's called supply and demand, and it's always been in operation. Beuro rats can't imagine true freedom, the freedom to let the nature of a free market system do it's inherant ability to regulate and safeguard itself!
The California grower is already so anal about it's organic practices concerning Canabis, the dealer is practically drown in quality choices of products to distribute, the consumer has it's own senses to decern quality and price. Every participant in the chain is already expected to pay the taxes from the income received. So I ask why do lawmakers need interfere at all? Just take away the penalties, and everything else will continue to function just as it has with Canabis, with nutmeg or Echinacea.


This bill was written by the cops. They continue to violate the will of the voters of California. Better now without new law . The police are writing most local medical marijuana laws in California. That is the sad truth.