Over 21,000 Arrested in California on Marijuana Charges in 2012

The California Attorney General has released its 2012 Crime Report.

According to the report, there were 13,434 felony marijuana arrests in California in 2012, continuing a downward trend from 14,082 in 2011. Hispanics were the most-arrested ethnic group, with 4953 felony arrests, followed by whites (4617), blacks (2745) and other races (1119). Juvenile felony arrests remained stable, coming in at 1671, or 12.4% of all felony arrests for marijuana.

Misdemeanor marijuana arrests took a nosedive in 2011 because under an ounce became an infraction that year; infractions are not tallied in the AG's report. Marijuana misdemeanor arrests came in at 7768 in 2012, almost identical to the number in 2011 (7764). The number of marijuana misdemeanor arrests in 2010 was 54, 849.

2012 crime report on alcohol arrests

I would like to know how many felony arrests in California were alcohol related. How many misdemeanor arrest were related to alcohol. How many domestic violence arrests were marijuana related vs alcohol related. How many vehicle accidents and/or deaths are marijuana related vs alcohol related. How many overdoses are marijuana related vs prescription and/or over the counter drug related.

Alcohol is legal and has caused many problems and deaths in families and society.

If the husband used marijuana instead of alcohol, he probably wouldn't have the desire or strength to beat his wife.

If the person used marijuana instead of getting drunk at an event they probably wouldn't want to drive and therefore wouldn't be on the road to kill or injure another person(s)

People, more than not, get violent using alcohol. How many get violent using marijuana.